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About University

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) is an autonomous institution with monetary aid from the government. The Philippines' Congress founded the chartered university by virtue of Republic Act No. 4196 in the year 1965. Since July 17, 1967, the university claims its historicity when it served as a standard in the power structure during the Spanish occupation. Situated in Manila, Philippines, PLM is the first locally-funded institution to offer education free of any tuition fee. The Filipino name "Pamantasan" refers to the term "pantas," meaning a wise individual. This prestigious institutionalized education amassed a complete passing rate in examinations conducted. Their vision stands by the institution's core values of academic excellence, integrity, and social responsibility. They also have a five-year plan in terms of the development of the institution and what they stand for. 


Spotlight at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

  1. It is one of the two public universities from the top five list in the Philippines.

  2. The school of Government Studies provides an insight into the holistic developmental approach towards all sectors with the predominance of the public sector, where the learning is usually self-facilitated without an academic faculty network in its discipline.

  3. From the English proficiency program to the campaign for student regency, PLM university has seen tremendous growth and expansion in terms of its academic and research initiatives.

  4.  The Development Center for Women Studies, alongside curriculum development with integrated learning, indicates PLM's character stands for as an institution. 


Course Program Offered in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

With ten schools ranging from Architecture, Education, and Management, to Humanities and Medical Sciences, PLM aims to meet quality education with compassion. The management guarantees to set the bar high that the students seeking these courses will stand apart from the rest of the graduates that year. Urban Planning has technical training with kinesthetic learning levels that is experiential and one of a kind. The undergraduate, as well as the postgraduate programs of Business Administration, adheres to the immediate preparation of young minds and budding entrepreneurs who would like to lead and create an impact in its development. Other than its Liberal Arts course alongside Nursing and Law, the school of Government studies marks its presence with four programs that primarily focus on the work in the public sector, making it immersive and multidisciplinary. 


University Campus and Accommodation 

The university campus is along the historic district of Intramuros alongside Manila's streets and spreads across three hectares with a vast open field with all amenities provided. The PLM Grandstand is the trademark of the PLM campus. Every building within the campus grounds holds a specific Hispanic architecture, except for the recently built Arsenio Lacson Hall. The detailed infrastructure is not just for its pride in antiquity, but also the functionality and networking with interconnections of various buildings. The recreational amenities come with its facilitation of AV rooms, amphitheater, full-campus WiFi, academic research, and specialized centers for the pursuit of excellence and the holistic well-being of every individual from PLM. 


Students Life at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila 

The PLM community gains access to varied activities beyond the classroom with academic modules. The institution offers intramural sports and cultural exposure for both the students and faculty members. LifeBox-PLM, PLM-Student Catholic Action, and SONS are a few of the fraternities that the university encourages as part of their social life. The team initiatives for engineering projects with Robotics Society and the Economics Society participate in debates and various other competitions; thereby, showcasing the immersion as a community in PLM.

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