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About University

San Beda University ( An all-boys educational University) was established in 1901 by Monks of the Ordo Sancti Benedicti, also known as the Benedictines. It is Manila's most prestigious private institutions. The institution offers programs and courses leading to higher education degrees like bachelors, masters, and doctorate programs.

In 1895, fourteen Benedictine monks set their foot in the Philippines with the intent of mission work. They came across widespread colonization by the Americans and decided upon establishing an educational institution that would support and enhance the Catholic faith.

San Beda University is a premier Catholic institution of learning. SBU Manila houses four colleges- Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Medicine, and Law. The three graduate schools – Business, Law, and Liturgy are on the Mendiola campus. 


Courses Program offered at San Beda University.

The University offers a wide range of courses and programs from Business to Medicine. The accounting and medical courses are highly acclaimed and recognized. They have a multi-disciplinary approach and provide courses in every field. The law course has also gained a lot of recognition. The medical degree from SBU is highly valued and ensures lucrative job opportunities.


University Campus and Accommodation

They have an integrated education department that has received a lot of positive reviews. The campus has a well-conditioned and equipped infrastructure. They have a lot of important facilities which has made students' life a lot easier. They have inculcated both extra-curricular and academics in their curriculum. The classrooms within the university campus have modern architectural designs. The entire structure and arrangement are specifically to accommodate a large number of students to create a productive learning environment. Added to that, the classrooms also have student-oriented educational technologies to allow for effective knowledge absorption.

Spotlight at San Beda University

  1. The university faculty is acclaimed to be talented and highly qualified. The main goal of the University is to provide quality education using modern teaching techniques.

  2. SBU has an extensive and well-resourced library. They have rich databases and have a wide range of books in every field. 

  3. SBU brings out the best in every student to showcase their talent and skills. The sufficient space for accommodating all students to study and brings students closer to success. SBU not only helps students succeed in education but also co-curricular activities.

  4. One of the most important aspects of the University is to provide moral education to the students. Their religious values are inculcated in the students.

  5. With the affordable fee structure and international accreditations, the University has become extremely popular.

  6. This University is dedicated to the cause of Catholic Education by educating students about Christian doctrines and principles, thereby forming individuals devoted to Christianity and serving the country.

  7. The University is affiliated with the  University of Santo Tomas.

  8. San Beda became an independent private educational institution with the authority to provide a bachelor's degree to elementary and high school students.

  9. It boasts of several skilled individuals who have accumulated years' worth of experience within the field of education and learning. The University is able to integrate modern and latest academic trends within their educational routine further to enhance their brilliance within the field of education.

Students Life at San Beda University

Students studying in this University are trained in gaining education from textbooks and applying that knowledge in the real world. The University acknowledges the fact that to promote a productive learning environment optimally, a student requires much more than just the relevant academic routine. As a result, San Beda University has implemented strict student policies in place that are mandatory within the University. These policies ensure an anti-ragging and anti-bullying environment. It also encourages students to aid their fellow collegemates to the best of their abilities.

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