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About University

About The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) Sweden

1. History: GIH was established in 1813 and is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the world. It has a rich history and a strong tradition of excellence in sports and health education.

2. Focus areas: GIH offers a wide range of programs and courses related to sports science, physical education, coaching, exercise physiology, sports psychology, nutrition, and health promotion.

3. Research: The school is actively involved in research activities, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in various fields related to sports and health sciences. The research conducted at GIH covers areas such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports medicine, and physical activity promotion.

4. Bachelor's and Master's programs: GIH offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in subjects such as Sports Science, Health Promotion, Physical Education, and Coaching. These programs provide students with a comprehensive understanding of sports and health-related disciplines.

5. Doctoral studies: GIH also offers opportunities for doctoral studies in sports science. Doctoral students at GIH are engaged in cutting-edge research projects and contribute to the scientific community.

6. Facilities: The school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including laboratories, sports halls, and exercise physiology and biomechanics labs. These facilities enable students and researchers to conduct practical experiments and enhance their learning experience.

7. Collaboration: GIH collaborates with various national and international institutions, universities, and organizations to promote research and knowledge exchange in the field of sports and health sciences.

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) Sweden Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Campus Facilities:

  • State-of-the-art sports halls and facilities for practical training and research.

  • Lecture halls and classrooms equipped with modern technology.

  • Research laboratories for exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sports medicine.

  • Library with resources and materials related to sports and health sciences.

  • Fitness centers or gyms for student use.

  • Student lounges, common areas, and study spaces.

Accommodation Facilities:

  • GIH does not have its own student housing facilities on campus. However, they can provide assistance and guidance to students in finding suitable accommodation options in Stockholm.

  • Stockholm offers a range of accommodation options for students, including university-managed dormitories, private apartments, and shared housing.

  • The cost of accommodation in Stockholm can vary depending on the location, type of housing, and amenities provided.

  • It's recommended to research housing options, contact GIH's student services or housing office, and explore online platforms for finding student accommodation in Stockholm.

Students Life at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) Sweden

1. Student Associations and Clubs: GIH provides various student associations and clubs that cater to different interests and activities. These groups organize events, workshops, and social activities related to sports, health, and physical education. They offer opportunities for networking, collaboration, and further exploration of specific areas of interest.

2. Sports and Recreational Facilities: As a sports-focused institution, GIH offers access to excellent sports and recreational facilities. These facilities include sports halls, gyms, and outdoor fields that allow students to engage in a wide range of physical activities and sports.

3. Social Events and Gatherings: GIH organizes social events, gatherings, and parties for students throughout the academic year. These events create opportunities for students to socialize, make friends, and build connections with peers from different programs and backgrounds.

4. Guest Lectures and Workshops: GIH often hosts guest lectures, seminars, and workshops featuring renowned experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of sports and health sciences. These events provide students with valuable insights, knowledge, and networking opportunities.

5. International Exchange Programs: GIH offers international exchange programs in collaboration with partner institutions. This allows students to gain global exposure, experience different academic systems, and interact with students from around the world.

6. Student Support Services: GIH provides various student support services to ensure a positive and inclusive environment. These services may include academic advising, counseling, career services, and assistance for international students.

Placements in The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) Sweden

1. Professional Networks: GIH offers opportunities for students to connect with professionals, researchers, and experts in the field of sports and health sciences. Building these networks can be beneficial for future career opportunities.

2. Research and Academic Careers: GIH is actively involved in research activities, and some students may choose to pursue academic or research careers by furthering their education through doctoral studies or by joining research institutions.

3. Sports and Health Industry: Graduates from GIH often find employment in the sports and health industry. This can include roles such as sports coaches, personal trainers, sports instructors, exercise physiologists, health promoters, and consultants in various sports organizations, health clubs, and government agencies.

4. Physical Education Teaching: Graduates with a focus on physical education may pursue careers as physical education teachers in schools or educational institutions.

5. Health and Wellness: The knowledge and skills gained at GIH can also open doors to careers in health and wellness sectors, including health promotion, fitness management, corporate wellness, and public health.

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B.Sc in Nutrition

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th

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