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About University

About University of Cassino, Italy

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale) is a public university located in Cassino, Italy. Established in 1979, it has grown to play a significant role in the educational landscape of the region. The university is known for its strong focus on research, innovation, and teaching quality.

The University of Cassino offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across fields of study, including engineering, economics, humanities, law, and sports sciences. Its engineering programs, in particular, have garnered a good reputation, attracting students from across Italy and abroad.

Research and innovation are key priorities for the university, with several research centers and labs dedicated to advancing knowledge in disciplines. The institution collaborates with industries and other academic institutions on research projects, contributing to scientific and technological developments.

Universities in Italy

 Course Programs at University of Cassino, Italy

  1. Faculty of Engineering: This faculty offers courses in branches of engineering, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Both bachelor's and master's degree programs are available, focusing on theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

  2. Faculty of Economics: Students can pursue degrees in economics, business administration, and management. These programs aim to prepare students for careers in the business world, providing them with a solid foundation in economic theory, business practices, and analytical skills.

  3. Faculty of Law: Offering courses in law and legal studies, this faculty prepares students for careers in the legal profession, public administration, or related fields. Programs typically focus on national and international law, legal theory, and practical legal skills.

  4. Faculty of Arts and Humanities: This faculty covers a wide range of disciplines, including history, literature, philosophy, and cultural studies. Programs are designed to foster critical thinking, cultural awareness, and a deep understanding of human societies and histories.

  5. Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science: Focused on the study of human behavior, mental health, and physical activity, this faculty offers programs in psychology, sports science, and related fields. These programs combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience in settings.

  6. Faculty of Science and Technology: This includes courses in natural sciences, information technology, and applied sciences. Programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in scientific research, technology development, or related fields.

Study in Italy

Bachelor Course Programs at University of Cassino, Italy

Program Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (in USD)

Bachelor of Engineering

3 years

1,000 - 3,000

Bachelor of Economics

3 years

1,000 - 3,000

Bachelor of Law

3 years

1,000 - 3,000

Bachelor of Arts and Humanities

3 years

1,000 - 3,000

Bachelor of Psychology

3 years

1,000 - 3,000

Bachelor of Sports Science

3 years

1,000 - 3,000

Bachelor of Science and Technology

3 years

1,000 - 3,000


BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) In Italy


Masters Course Programs at University of Cassino, Italy

Course Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (in USD)

Master of Engineering

2 years

1,500 - 3,500

Master of Economics

2 years

1,500 - 3,500

Master of Law

2 years

1,500 - 3,500

Master of Arts and Humanities

2 years

1,500 - 3,500

Master of Psychology

2 years

1,500 - 3,500

Master of Sports Science

2 years

1,500 - 3,500

Master of Science and Technology

2 years

1,500 - 3,500


Interior Design Colleges and Courses in Italy

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at University of Cassino, Italy

Course Name


Tuition Fees Per Year (in USD)

PhD in Engineering

3-4 years

1,000 - 4,000

PhD in Economics

3-4 years

1,000 - 4,000

PhD in Law

3-4 years

1,000 - 4,000

PhD in Humanities

3-4 years

1,000 - 4,000

PhD in Psychology

3-4 years

1,000 - 4,000

PhD in Sports Science

3-4 years

1,000 - 4,000

PhD in Science and Technology

3-4 years

1,000 - 4,000


University of Cassino, Italy for International Students

1. Course Offerings

The university provides a variety of programs at the bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels, including in fields like engineering, economics, law, humanities, psychology, and sports science. Some courses may be offered in English to accommodate international students, particularly at the graduate level.

2. Admission Requirements

International students need to meet specific admission requirements, which typically include academic qualifications, language proficiency (in Italian and/or English, depending on the program), and sometimes entrance exams. They must also go through the Italian embassy or consulate in their home country for the pre-enrollment process.

3. Language Support

For programs taught in Italian, international students might need to prove their language proficiency through tests like the CILS, CELI, or an equivalent certification. The university may also offer Italian language courses to help international students improve their language skills.

4. Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition fees for international students can vary based on the program and level of study. The university may offer scholarships, grants, or other financial aid opportunities to help reduce the cost of studying and living in Italy.

5. Living in Cassino

Cassino is a town with historical significance and a welcoming atmosphere for students. The cost of living is generally lower than in larger Italian cities, making it a more affordable option for many international students.

6. Accommodation

The university may assist international students in finding suitable accommodation, whether on campus or in the surrounding area, to ensure they have a comfortable place to live while studying.

7. Student Services and Support

International offices and student services at the University of Cassino provide support with administrative processes, integration, and adapting to life in Italy. These services can assist with everything from enrollment to finding housing and connecting with the student community.

8. Cultural and Social Life

International students can engage in cultural and social activities, facilitating interaction with local and other international students. This includes cultural exchange programs, sports activities, and clubs.

Admission Process of University of Cassino, Italy

1. Choose a Program

  • Identify the program you are interested in and ensure you meet the academic and language requirements.

2. Check the Admission Requirements

  • Requirements may include academic transcripts, diplomas, language proficiency certificates (Italian or English, depending on the program), letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose.

3. Pre-Application

  • For non-EU students, the pre-application process often involves submitting an application through the Italian embassy or consulate in your home country.

  • EU students may apply directly to the university.

4. Submit the Application

  • Complete the online application form on the university’s website and upload the necessary documents.

  • Pay any applicable application fees.

5. Language Proficiency

  • If the course is in Italian, you may need to pass a language proficiency test. Some programs in English might also require proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS).

6. Evaluation and Acceptance

  • The university will review your application and documents. This may include an interview or entrance examination for certain programs.

  • Once accepted, you will receive an offer letter or admission confirmation.

7. Visa Application

  • International students from outside the EU will need to apply for a student visa. The acceptance letter from the university is typically required for the visa application.

8. Enrollment

  • After obtaining a visa, you can officially enroll in the university and register for classes.

  • You may need to present original documents and pay the tuition fees at this stage.

9. Accommodation and Arrival

  • Arrange for accommodation. The university may assist in finding housing.

  • Plan your travel and arrive in Italy, ideally a few weeks before the start of the semester to acclimate and complete any remaining administrative tasks.

Intake And Eligibility of University of Cassino, Italy

Intake Periods

  1. Undergraduate and Graduate Programs:

    • The main intake usually occurs in the autumn (September/October).

    • Some programs might have a spring intake (February/March), but this is less common and depends on the specific course and faculty.

  2. PhD Programs:

    • Intake for PhD programs often occurs once a year, typically in the autumn.

    • Exact timings can vary depending on the department and the specific research program.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. For Undergraduate Programs:

    • A high school diploma or equivalent international qualification.

    • Proficiency in the language of instruction (Italian or English), usually demonstrated through standardized language tests like CILS, CELI for Italian, or TOEFL, IELTS for English.

    • Specific entry exams or requirements based on the chosen field of study.

  2. For Master’s Programs:

    • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field.

    • Meeting the language requirements for the program’s language of instruction.

    • Some programs may require a portfolio, work experience, or entrance exams.

  3. For PhD Programs:

    • A master’s degree or equivalent in a related subject area.

    • Research proposal (for some programs).

    • Academic transcripts, reference letters, and possibly an interview.

    • Language proficiency, depending on the language of instruction and research.

Scholarship Available at University of Cassino, Italy

Scholarship Type


Eligibility Criteria

Merit-Based Scholarships

Awarded based on academic excellence or outstanding abilities in certain fields.

High academic achievement, specific talents

Need-Based Scholarships

Provided to students who demonstrate financial need.

Financial need, satisfactory academic progress

International Student Scholarships

Specifically for non-Italian students to promote cultural diversity and international exchange.

International student status, academic merit

Research Scholarships

For students, especially at the graduate and PhD levels, engaged in specific research areas.

Enrollment in a research program, research proposal

Government Scholarships

Offered by the Italian government or regional bodies to support domestic and international students.

Varies, often includes residency status and academic merit


University of Cassino, Italy Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation Type


Cost (per month)

University Dormitories

On-campus housing typically offering shared rooms.

$300 - $500

Private Apartments

Off-campus housing in nearby areas, more privacy.

$400 - $700

Shared Apartments

Off-campus shared housing, usually with other students.

$250 - $500


Living with a local family, includes meals and utilities.

$450 - $700

Temporary Accommodation

Short-term options like hostels or guesthouses.

$30 - $70 per night


Students Life at University of Cassino, Italy

Academic Environment

  • Diverse Programs: Students can engage in fields of study, from engineering to humanities, each providing comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

  • International Perspective: With a mix of local and international students, the university fosters a global learning environment.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Clubs and Organizations: Students can join clubs and organizations, including cultural groups, sports teams, and academic societies.

  • Events and Workshops: The university regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and social events, allowing students to learn, network, and relax.

Sports and Recreation

  • Sports Facilities: The campus includes facilities for football, basketball, volleyball, and other sports, encouraging students to stay active and healthy.

  • Recreational Activities: Outdoor activities are popular, given Cassino’s location near mountains and natural parks.

Cultural Engagement

  • Cultural Integration: programs help international students integrate into Italian culture, including language courses and cultural exchange events.

  • Local Attractions: Cassino, with its rich history and cultural heritage, offers museums, historical sites, and local festivals.

Support Services

  • Student Support: Services like counseling, academic advising, and career guidance are available to help students navigate university life and plan for the future.

  • International Office: Dedicated support for international students, assisting with visas, accommodation, and integration into the university community.

Community and Networking

  • Diverse Student Body: The university’s inclusive environment allows for networking with peers from around the world.

  • Alumni Connections: Graduates can connect with an extensive network of alumni, beneficial for career opportunities and collaborations.

Living in Cassino

  • Affordability: Compared to larger Italian cities, Cassino offers a more affordable cost of living, which is beneficial for students.

  • Location: Situated in Central Italy, Cassino provides easy access to major cities like Rome and Naples, offering opportunities for weekend trips and exploration.

Placements in University of Cassino, Italy 

Career Services and Support

  • Career Counseling: Provides guidance to students in choosing their career paths, preparing for the job market, and developing necessary skills.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Offers training sessions on resume writing, interview preparation, job searching strategies, and networking skills.

Internship Opportunities

  • Partnerships with Companies: The university collaborates with local and international companies to offer internship opportunities, allowing students to gain practical experience in their field of study.

  • Research Internships: For those in research-heavy fields, there are opportunities to work on projects within the university or in collaboration with external research institutions.

Job Placement

  • Job Fairs and Recruitment Events: Regular events are organized where students can meet potential employers, learn about job openings, and discuss career opportunities.

  • Alumni Network: The university’s alumni network can be a valuable resource for current students, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and insights into industries.

Industry Collaboration

  • Partnerships and Collaborations: The university has strong ties with industries, especially in sectors like engineering, technology, and business, enhancing job prospects for graduates.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Support for students interested in starting their own businesses, including incubator programs and access to funding sources.

Campus Location of University of Cassino, Italy 

Campus Location Details:

  • Main Campus: The main campus of the University of Cassino is situated within the urban area of Cassino itself, providing easy access to local amenities, public transportation, and housing. The campus hosts a range of faculties, including engineering, economics, law, and humanities.

  • Address: The specific address for the main campus can vary by department, but all are centralized in Cassino, making it convenient for students to navigate the area and access university buildings.

  • Transportation: Cassino is well-connected by road and rail, making it relatively easy to reach from major Italian cities. The town has a railway station with direct trains to Rome, Naples, and other cities in Italy, facilitating travel for students and faculty.

  • Surrounding Area: The region around Cassino offers a rich mix of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. The town is located near the Montecassino Abbey, a significant historical and religious site. Additionally, its position in Central Italy places it within reach of the country's diverse landscapes, including the coast, mountains, and the cities of Rome and Naples.

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Course Duration: 2 Years
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Required Degree 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree

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Course Program: Art & Humanities
Course Duration: 2 Years
Course Language: English
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