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About University

The University of Santo Tomas is recognized to be the top four universities in the Philippines. It is also called the Catholic University, and it draws inspiration from the philosophy and teachings of the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas. This is a four-century-old University that has produced church martyrs, national heroes, renowned scientists, internationally renowned business tycoons, and national artists. It is the largest and the most prestigious Catholic University globally that emphasizes community service and the welfare of mankind. More than thirty-nine thousand students study here, and it has very experienced and dedicated faculties.

It was founded on  28th April 1611 by Miguel de Benavides, the third bishop of Manila.  It is the oldest existing University and holds the extant university charter in Asia and the Philippines. The University is committed to the moral and professional formation of the stakeholders to facilitate social transformation. It takes a proactive stance in cultural, moral, and social advocacies to become an institution of preeminent influence.


Courses Program offered at University of Santo Tomas

The University offers various undergraduate, graduate, masters, and diploma programs. Some of the major courses offered here are Master of Engineering, Master in English, Master in Psychology, Master in Literature, Master in History, Bachelor of Music in Harp, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, Master in Public Administration, Bachelor in Sacred Theology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Certificate in Athletic Training and Cultural Heritage Studies.


Spotlight at University of Santo Tomas

  1. With extremely dedicated and well-qualified lecturers, the courses have been designed to share knowledge and help students get inspired to discover and explore many creative ideas.

  2. It complies with all the applicable international and national statutory requirements of the students, including the government boards, associates of the University, and societies.

  3. The University ensures student academic achievement and promotes life success through empirical-based and responsive services of global standards.

  4. UST Hospital is located at the Santo Tomas University. The hospital boasts two divisions a private hospital to subsidize the clinical division and a clinical teaching hospital.

  5. It has faculty members and administrators holding leadership positions in the Philippines' policy-making bodies, e.g., professional organizations and Commission on Higher Education, helping influence policies for the betterment of the society.

  6. The University organizes various historical and religious events. "Freshmen Welcome Walk" is organized in August as a symbol of 'becoming Thomasians.'

University Campus and Accommodation

The University of Santo Tomas is renowned for its state of the art infrastructure, modern teaching methods, and intuitive learning patterns. The University continuously tries to evolve with the modern advancements so that the students can stay up to date with the recent trends and demands. The classrooms are spacious and fully furnished with all the modern amenities. It also houses a huge library that is a repository of various books and magazines related to various genres.

The University doesn't have its own hostel, but you'll find many accommodations and lodges adjacent to the University.

Students Life at University of Santo Tomas

The goal of the University is to encourage the holistic formation of the students. The students can participate in various community development activities, such as the Pistang Tomas Community Trade Fair held at the Quadricentennial Square. Food and other important products of the partner organizations and communities are also put on sale over here. Here, the students help the partner communities and interact with the members so that they can inculcate the values of social responsibility. Before the end of the academic year, graduating students visit the Benavides Plaza to attend the annual Job Fair, where hundreds of companies join. The graduating students check out company booths for the schedule of company orientation.

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Total Course Fees: ₹ 1605000
Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing

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