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About University

West Visayas State University is the center for educational excellence and hub for human resource development. It was established in 1975 and is the second state-owned medical college in the Phillippines. In 1934, the University was renamed as Baybay Agricultural High School and was later converted into Baybay National Agricultural School in 1938 with the approval of Act No. 313. BNAS was further renamed as the Visayas Agricultural College by Republic Act No. 2831, issued on 19th June 1960. Four institutions in the Leyte province were integrated into the University in 1999 to create a five-campus ViSCA system.

The University has produced two thousand four hundred and sixty-eight graduates, most of whom serve the various areas in the entire archipelago. It adheres to an upright ethical standard and moral code vital in the University's search for truth. The CHED identified the University as Center of Excellence in Agricultural Engineering, Forestry, Agriculture, and Zonal Research Center between (2000-2003) in Region 8.


Courses Program offered at West Visayas State University

West Visayas State University offers sixty-seven programs in the master's, doctorate levels, and baccalaureate. Among its programs, 10 are Level III Accredited; 7 have Level II Accreditation, and the rest are Level I accreditation visits by the Phillippines Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities.


USP/Features of the University

  1. It aims to produce highly competent, world-class, and quality manpower in science and technology for environmental management and the agriculture industry, proficient in critical thinking, analytical abilities, and communication skills.

  2. Civil Service Commission accredited it to act on the approval of employees and personnel's appointment since 1994.

  3. It was granted a World Bank Agricultural Support Fund in 1976.

  4. It was accredited Level II in Agriculture and Graduate Education Program by the Universities in the Philippines Inc. and Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges.

  5. The University provides quality, accessible, and affordable wellness programs and healthcare services that cater to the community.

  6. It provides innovative and excellent health care training, research, and education programs to manage and prevent diseases.

  7. The well-qualified and highly-educated professors and staff members at this University adopt intuitive strategies to teach the students and incorporate new ideas into their minds.


University Campus and Accommodation

The VSU-Main Campus sprawls in an area of 1,099.4 hectares and extends from the Camotes Sea's shore to the top of Mount Pangasugan. The main campus of the University has one hundred and eighty-eight buildings: twenty-one student dormitories, seventy-five staff houses, seventeen academic buildings, two Administration buildings, and sixty-three others, which include Student Union, the Main Library, Convention Center, Infirmary, Guesthouse, Hostel, Center for Continuing Education, Pavilion, Manila and Cebu offices, cafeteria, market, high school, workshop, elementary, DA auxiliary, marine laboratory, gymnatorium, fuel depot, motor pool, powerhouse, garage, nurseries, nine research, barns, and training centers.

The University offers accommodation facilities for both boys and girls. The rooms are clean, spacious, and well-furnished. A security guard is also present 24*7 to ensure the students' safety living in the hostel. Tasty and healthy food is provided to the students to take care of their nutritional requirements and well-being. A CCTV camera has also been installed on the premises to monitor the students' activities and keep a check on the people who're entering the hostel area.


Students Life at West Visayas State University.

West Visayas State University aims to produce globally competitive and life-long learners who achieve great heights in their professional and personal life. The University organizes various cultural programs and seminars regularly to ensure the students' overall development. The University also organizes educational trips to help the students learn about new areas of life and develop their interpersonal skills.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Language: English
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