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Yisha Joshi
Yisha Joshi

Nov 12, 2020 08:06:00

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Why should you study MBBS in abroad? Studying MBBS from Abroad: Is it a Good Option for Indian Students or not? Here is the answer to many such questions.


In today’s world, we see a lot of students who are aspiring to study medicine. That is why medicine has become one of the most popular career paths across the world. The path towards becoming a doctor starts with the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree. Every year many students from India apply for the MBBS degree but unfortunately, not everyone gets admission for an MBBS degree. The reason is that there are no seats available for the students applying. The difference between the number of MBBS seats available and the number of applicants applying is so big and hence not all students get admission for an MBBS degree in India.

If we talk about the seats available in India we have approximately 60000 seats available from MCI (Medicine Council of India) and the number of students applying is almost 15 lakhs. There is a solution for the students who have not got selected in any college, they can apply for the MCI approved and recognized colleges across the world. There are many MCI approved colleges located across the globe which are recognized and approved by MCI for MBBS degrees. So hence students try to study MBBS from Abroad.

There are many colleges overall the globe which makes it difficult for the students to decide from which college they want to pursue the degree of MBBS. Deciding the time, place, college, etc. is really a very important question and should be taken carefully. All the research should be done regarding the country and the college and the degree the respective college provides before taking the decision.


The rate of Indian students pursuing an MBBS degree from abroad has increased over the years. There are many benefits to pursuing an MBBS degree from abroad. The following mentioned are some of the advantages of pursuing an MBBS from abroad:

  • Minimal NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) ranking required

The colleges from abroad are less dependent on NEET( National Eligibility and Entrance Test). Though after the rule of 2018 the Meet entrance has become compulsory for applying MBBS courses internationally too. But the competition for NEET in India is too high. The applicants are almost 15 lakh approximately and the seats available are just 60000 approximately. But as compared to tg NEET internationally the competition is low. 

  • The fees are less than the private colleges in India

The students who don't qualify in the NEET or don't get admission to college for MBBS due to various reasons generally go for private colleges but the fees of private colleges is more than the colleges abroad. The government colleges in India are affordable but private medical colleges are very expensive.

The fees might cost up to Rs.45 lakhs to study MBBS from private colleges in India. But as in comparison with then, the MBBS degree from college abroad might cost less depending on the destination and the college. Colleges in countries like China, Russia, the Philippines, etc. can cost up to Rs. 30 lakhs.

  • High education quality

There are many colleges abroad that are recognized and approved by WHO ( World health organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India). The education quality and techniques used in these colleges is very high. The colleges here focus on top-quality education standards.

  • International exposure

Studying Abroad is a whole different experience. As you stay in a whole different country with different languages, cultures, environments. It's a whole mixed experience. So learning MBBS from abroad will open you to a whole international exposure to many cultures, languages, people, medical conditions, amenities, advanced technology, etc. It teaches the students to learn and adapt to new cultures, traditions, and environments.


Along with the advantages, there are some challenges too which a student will face while studying MBBS from Abroad. Having knowledge about the challenges is as important as knowing the advantages while you are considering to study MBBS in Abroad. So following mentioned are some challenges in pursuing an MBBS degree from Abroad:

  • College recognition

There are several colleges abroad but not all are recognised and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI). According to the MCI, the degree is valid from the colleges abroad in India if and only if it is approved by MCI. That is if you study MBBS from MCI approved college then only you can practice Medicine in India with a license.

So, it is very important to research properly whether the college is MCI approved or not before applying. The students can visit the official Website of the Medical Council of India to confirm whether the college is recognised by MCI in its own country and in India. The students should also check whether the colleges are recognized by the World health organization (WHO).

  • License to practice medicine in other countries

The students who study MBBS from abroad have to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) screening test to practice medicine in India. That is after taking the MBBS degree successfully the students wish to practice medicine in India they would have to successfully pass the screening test by the Medical Council of India (MCI) to get the license.

The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is held twice a year by the National Board of Examinations for Indian nationals and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI). The syllabus for this exam is based on the MBBS curriculum and the passing marks are 50.

  • Practical training

When it comes to medical degrees learning practical clinical skills and training is a very important part. So an MBBS degree must also have practical training. However, some international Colleges offer very less practical experience and training to medical students. So when you search for a college abroad, see to it that the college offers good practical training.

  • Local adjustment

Most of the colleges abroad have the medium of teaching as English but some colleges use their local languages for teaching. So the students might have to learn the local language for example Mandarin in China, or Russian in Russia. Not only language adjustment but also different local adjustments are required to be done by the students when they study abroad.


The eligibility criteria for admission to an MBBS degree from a college abroad would depend on the specific college and country and may vary. However, there are some general eligibility criteria required for taking admission in MBBS in Abroad which is mentioned below:

  • The age of the aspiring student must be above 17.

  • The aspiring student must have completed Class 12th with the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English with a minimum of 50 percent.

  • The applicant must have cleared the NEET entrance exam.

  • Clearing TOEFL/IELTS

  • In some countries, the students have to study a pre-med program.


Almost all countries have MBBS colleges. But mostly students prefer the colleges which offer MBBS degree without the requirement of the entrance exam. Countries like China, Germany, Philippines, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan offer MBBS degrees with easy admission criteria and process, and also studying here is very affordable.


There are many colleges overall the world but not all are Medical Council of India (MCI) approved. So, here is a list of Medical Council of India (MCI) recognized Universities in abroad which offers MBBS degree from different countries:

Ningbo University

Jiangsu University

Wuhan University

Humboldt University

Philipps University

University Heidelberg

Angeles University Foundation

AMA School of Medicine

Bicol Christian College of Medicine

Ryazan State Medical University

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Russian National Research Medical University

Odessa National Medical University

Sumy State University, Sumy

Kharkiv National Medical University


The cost of studying MBBS at private colleges in India is sometimes more than studying MBBS from colleges abroad. However, the cost of studying depends on the college fees, cost of living, and the duration of the degree. The MBBS degree duration is different in different countries. Most probably it's 5-6 years, including compulsory internships.

The fees of a private college in India might be approximately 40-50 lakhs. Mentioned below are the costs of studying MBBS abroad:

  • China: Rs. 20 lakh (6 years including 1-year internship)

  • Germany: Rs. 24 lakh ( 6 years 3 months)

  • Philippines: Rs. 25 lakh (5.5 years including internship)

  • Russia: Rs. 23 lakh (7 years including 1 year internship)

  • Ukraine: Rs. 25 lakh (6 years)

  • Bangladesh: Rs. 25 lakh (5 years)

  • MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: Rs. 17 lakh (6 years)

  • US: Rs. 60-65 lakhs (4 years)


Many people have this question as to whether studying MBBS in Abroad is a good idea, whether it is worth it, and many more. However, research is the key to get the answers to this question. Pick the country as well as the college abroad properly by doing all the required research is important.

Many reasons as mentioned above make studying MBBS from abroad Worth it. May it is fees wise, experience-wise, education quality-wise many factors are making MBBS from Abroad worth it. If you still have any doubts you can try visiting a career counselor or career guider.

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