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About University

About Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

1. Academic Excellence: The UAB is known for its high academic standards and a wide range of programs in various fields, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering, and technology.

2. Research and Innovation: The university has a strong focus on research and innovation. It is home to several research centers and institutes that contribute to advancements in various disciplines.

3. Campus and Facilities: The UAB campus is extensive and features modern facilities, libraries, laboratories, and well-equipped classrooms. The campus is known for its green spaces and natural surroundings, providing an ideal environment for study and research.

4. International Collaboration: The UAB actively collaborates with universities and research institutions worldwide. It often participates in international exchange programs and encourages student mobility for global experiences.

5. Multilingual Education: Many programs at the UAB are taught in multiple languages, including Catalan, Spanish, and English. This language diversity caters to the preferences and linguistic needs of its diverse student body.

6. Student Services: The university provides a range of student services, including academic advising, career counseling, and extracurricular activities. These services aim to support students throughout their academic journey.

7. Student Life: UAB offers a vibrant student life, with student organizations, clubs, sports facilities, and cultural activities. Students have opportunities to engage in social, cultural, and recreational activities on and off campus.

8. International Rankings: The UAB consistently ranks among the top universities in global and national rankings, reflecting its commitment to academic quality and research contributions.

9. Partnerships and Collaborations: The UAB has partnerships with both local and international institutions, fostering collaboration in research, education, and innovation.

10. Alumni Network: Graduates of the UAB become part of an extensive alumni network that provides ongoing support, career networking opportunities, and mentorship.

Bachelors Course Programs at Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Course Program Name


Tuition Fees (Per Year in USD)


4 years


Computer Engineering

4 years



4 years



4 years



4 years


Business Administration and Management

4 years



4 years



4 years



4 years



4 years


Masters Course Programs at Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Course Name


Tuition Fees (Per Year in USD)

Master in Advanced Microbiology

2 years


Master in Computer Vision

2 years


Master in Translation and Interpretation

2 years


Master in Business Innovation

1 year


Master in Clinical Psychology

2 years


Master in Advanced Mathematics

2 years


Master in Data Science

2 years


Master in Bioinformatics

2 years


Master in Environmental Science

2 years


Master in Human Rights

1 year


Intake And Eligibility of Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

1. Undergraduate Programs:

  • Intake Period: Undergraduate programs at UAB typically have an annual intake, with the academic year starting in September. Some programs may offer a mid-year intake in February, but this varies by program.

  • Eligibility: Eligibility criteria for undergraduate programs often include a high school diploma or its equivalent. International students may need to provide proof of language proficiency, such as in Catalan, Spanish, or English, depending on the program's language of instruction. It's essential to check the specific program's requirements.

2. Master's Programs:

  • Intake Period: Master's programs at UAB generally have two main intake periods: one in September and another in February. However, intake periods may vary by program, so it's crucial to check the specific program's application deadlines.

  • Eligibility: Eligibility criteria for master's programs can vary significantly depending on the program. Typically, applicants need a relevant bachelor's degree or its equivalent. International students may need to demonstrate language proficiency, such as in Catalan, Spanish, or English. Some programs may have additional requirements, such as work experience or specific prerequisite courses.

3. Doctoral (Ph.D.) Programs:

  • Intake Period: Doctoral programs at UAB often have an annual intake in September. The application process for Ph.D. programs may have specific deadlines and requirements.

  • Eligibility: Eligibility criteria for doctoral programs generally include a master's degree or its equivalent, research proposal, and, in some cases, an interview or entrance examination. Language proficiency may also be required. Admission to Ph.D. programs is highly competitive and may vary depending on the research area and faculty.

4. Language Requirements: Depending on the program's language of instruction (Catalan, Spanish, or English), international applicants may need to demonstrate their language proficiency. Language requirements can vary by program and may be fulfilled through standardized tests like the Test of Catalan Language Proficiency (Prova de Nivell de Llengua Catalana), DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language), or English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

5. Application Process: The application process and required documents may differ by program. Applicants are typically required to submit their academic transcripts, a CV, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and other program-specific materials.

Scholarship Available at Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria

Award Amount/Details

UAB Master's Degree Scholarship

For high-achieving students entering master's programs

Partial tuition fee waiver

UAB Study Grant

Based on financial need


International Excellence Scholarship

Non-EU international students with high academic merit

100% tuition fee waiver + stipend

Mobility Scholarships

For UAB students participating in international exchange

Variable depending on duration and location

Collaboration Scholarships

Students assisting in university departments

Monthly stipend

Research Initiation Scholarships

Students initiating research in specific fields

Variable stipend

Local Government Scholarships

Students from specific regions or municipalities

Variable depending on the agreement with the local authority

Special Talent Scholarships

Recognizes talents in sports, arts, etc.

Partial tuition fee waiver or stipend

Private Entity Scholarships

Scholarships funded by private companies or foundations

Variable depending on the sponsor

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain Campus & Accommodation Facilities



Approximate Cost (Per Year in USD)

UAB Campus

Large campus with a range of academic buildings, research centers, sports facilities, and green areas.


UAB Residences (Vila Universitària)

On-campus student housing with different room types (single, double, apartments).

$4,500 - $8,000 (based on room type and duration)

Shared Flats

Off-campus housing where students share flats with roommates.

$3,000 - $5,000 (based on location and facilities)

Family Stays

Students live with local families, usually includes meals.

$5,000 - $7,000 (including meals)

Private Apartments

Off-campus private apartments or studios for individuals or groups.

$5,500 - $10,000 (based on location and facilities)

Dining Services

On-campus dining services providing meals for students.

$3,000 - $4,500 (based on meal plan)

Library & Study Rooms

Multiple libraries with extensive collections and study rooms.


Sports Facilities

Gym, swimming pool, athletic tracks, sports courts, etc.

Membership: $200 - $500

Health Services

On-campus medical and health services for students.

Included in tuition or small fees for specific services

Cultural & Recreational Activities

Theatre, cinema, workshops, concerts, etc.

some are free, others require tickets or fees

Students Life at Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

1. Campus and Facilities: UAB's campus is well-known for its natural beauty, featuring green spaces, parks, and forests. Students have access to modern facilities, libraries, laboratories, sports centers, and computer labs. The campus provides an ideal environment for academic pursuits and recreational activities.

2. Student Associations and Clubs: UAB has a variety of student associations and clubs covering a wide range of interests, including sports, arts, culture, and social issues. Joining these groups is an excellent way to meet like-minded students and get involved in extracurricular activities.

3. Sports and Fitness: The university promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers sports and fitness facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, and sports fields. Students can participate in intramural sports, fitness classes, and organized sports clubs.

4. Cultural and Artistic Activities: UAB hosts numerous cultural events, art exhibitions, music concerts, and theater performances throughout the year. Students can attend these events and even participate in organizing them.

5. International Exchange: UAB encourages international mobility and has partnerships with universities worldwide. Students have the opportunity to study abroad, participate in exchange programs, or complete internships and research projects in various countries.

6. Language Courses: The university often offers language courses in Catalan, Spanish, and English, helping international students adapt to their language of instruction.

7. Career Services: UAB provides career services to help students with career planning, internships, job placement, and connecting with potential employers. Career fairs and workshops are organized to enhance students' employability.

8. Alumni Network: Upon graduation, students become part of the UAB alumni network, which offers support, networking opportunities, and mentorship to help with career development.

9. International Community: UAB has a diverse and international student body, fostering a multicultural environment. This diversity contributes to a rich and inclusive campus community.

10. Study Spaces: The university offers study spaces, including libraries and reading rooms, which provide students with a conducive environment for academic work and research.

11. Student Services: UAB provides a range of student services, including academic advising, counseling, health services, and support for students with disabilities.

12. Extracurricular Activities: Students can participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including debating clubs, volunteer opportunities, and academic competitions.

Placements in Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

1. Internships and Work Experience: UAB often collaborates with various organizations and companies to offer students internship opportunities. These internships can provide valuable work experience and insights into the real-world application of academic knowledge. Students pursuing specific degrees, especially in fields like business, engineering, and health sciences, may have structured internship or clinical training components.

2. Career Services: UAB has a career services department that offers guidance and support to students and recent graduates in their job search and career development. They provide resources such as career counseling, resume and interview preparation, and information about job fairs and recruiting events.

3. Research Opportunities: UAB is a research-focused institution, and many students have the chance to get involved in research projects under the guidance of professors. These research experiences can be beneficial for those looking to pursue advanced degrees or careers in academia.

4. Networking and Alumni Engagement: UAB has an extensive alumni network, and students have opportunities to connect with alumni in their fields of interest. This can be a valuable resource for career advice, mentorship, and job referrals.

5. Global Opportunities: UAB encourages international mobility and has partnerships with universities and organizations worldwide. Students can explore opportunities to study or work abroad, enhancing their global perspectives and career prospects.

6. Industry Collaboration: UAB often collaborates with industries and businesses in the Barcelona metropolitan area, providing students with insights into the local job market and potential career opportunities.

7. Graduate Programs and Professional Degrees: Many graduate programs at UAB, such as master's and doctoral programs, are designed to prepare students for specific careers. These programs may offer coursework and training that align with industry standards and requirements.

Browse by Courses

MS in Telecommunications Engineering

Course Level: Master's
Course Program: Engineering, Science & Technology
Course Duration: 1.5 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree
First Year Total Fees: $ 4209(₹ 326872)
Total Course Fees: $ 5940(₹ 490339)

MA in International Studies

Course Level: Master's
Course Program: Art & Humanities
Course Duration: 2 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree
First Year Total Fees: $ 4208(₹ 347528)
Total Course Fees: $ 8416(₹ 695056)

MS in Quantum Science and Technology

Course Level: Master's
Course Program: Engineering, Science & Technology
Course Duration: 1 Year
Course Language: English
Required Degree 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree
First Year Total Fees: $ 5227(₹ 431487)
Total Course Fees: $ 5227(₹ 431487)

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