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About University

Established in 1804, the Kazan Federal University is the second oldest medical university in Russia. It ranks 4th among all the medical colleges throughout the country and 454 among that of the world. It has gifted numerous renowned Nobel Prize winner doctors to society. It provides education in both English and Russian for international and local students, respectively. Russian language classes are available for international students so that they can smoothly communicate with the patient during their practical classes and internship period. To study MBBS here, the candidate must achieve at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 10+2 from a recognized board or institute. In the case of Indian students, they need to qualify the national level NEET examination as well. According to their academic performance, international students are also provided with scholarships for their six-year course if they keep their performance consistent by the Russian Government. The university also offers funds both for the eligible national and international aspirants. UNESCO, WHO, MCI, and the Ministry of Education and Science recognized and accredited the college for the standard of medical training it provides. Students get opportunities and exposure during their practical classes in the affiliated hospital that is capable of treating around 2000 patients in real-time by the best available doctors. Students get real-time experience to diagnose and treat patients by assisting experienced doctors during the internship period. Student-friendly accommodation is available with 2-3 bedded rooms. There are 26 dormitories available on the campus. The Provision of kitchens is available for students in case they want to cook in each hostel. Multi-cuisine canteens with hygienic and fresh food are also available in the campus. The students also have a scope of medical research in this university, if they are willing to. There are also high chances of global exposure due to collaboration with many foreign Universities.

Kazan Federal University is one of the oldest medical universities of the Russian Federation. It stands at the 2nd position of the Russian Federation and has maintained Kazan federal university's pride and prestige for centuries. Famous alumni of this university include the popular novelist Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Lenin, the chemist Nicolay Zinin, Alexander Butlerov, and many more. The university is run by highly experienced and skilled faculties who work consistently every moment to upgrade the educational standards. It is renowned for its encouragement to the enhancement of knowledge through innovations and researches in the fields of medicine. The main building of the university's current campus was built in the early nineteenth century.

The university experienced rapid development under Lobachevsky, who was the head for more than two decades. The number of courses and level of education at the university rose to new heights during his presidentship. New faculties, a botanical garden, libraries, printing houses, and a medical institute were added to enhance the stature of the university. Many dance and vocal groups, a chapel, and a folk choir opened in 1955. The rich past of this university and its impeccable achievements are on display in several exhibition halls and museums, which opened in 2016.


Features of the University

  1. Kazan University is considered to be the best among the eight federal universities in Russia. It has more than sixteen faculties and various institutes with branches in other Russian cities. 

  2. You can enjoy more than twenty-four different sports at Kazan Federal University.

  3. It has gained international students' immense trust in the last two centuries because of the college-friendly education.

  4. A limited number of grants are provided to all international students on a competitive basis. It covers the expenses towards college and tuition fees for the entire period.

  5. KFU employs two thousand faculty members, out of which over 30% of teaching personnel are young specialists, lecturers, and scientists.

  6. The university has succeeded in promoting research in nanotechnology and biomedicine, humanitarian and educational technologies, psychology, and cultural studies, taking advantage of various interdisciplinary approaches. 

  7. No discrimination is done based on gender, religion, caste, or nationality by the university.

  8. Postgraduates can seek financial support from this university itself.

  9. The university consists of eighty laboratories and seventeen research centers to encourage practical knowledge.

  10. The staff at the university consists of professors and scholars from different parts of the world.

  11. You don't need to give a donation to seek admission at this world-class university.

  12. The university is known to be the birthplace of chemistry due to impeccable works by Aleksandr Arbuzov, Vladimir Markovnikov, Aleksandr Butlerov, and the birthplace of electron spin resonance that Evgeny Zavoisky discovered. 


Course Program Offered in Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University offers various graduate and postgraduate courses. It offers two hundred and twenty-two bachelor's programs in Dentistry and General Medicine, Petroleum Engineering, International Business, Economics, General Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Biochemistry, Ecology, and Natural resources management, International relations, Geology, Oriental and African Studies, Аnthropology and ethnology, Foreign regional studies, etc.


University campus and accommodation

Kazan Federal University serves as a mini-city for the students with all the facilities and amenities present within the campus. The main campus of the university is located in downtown Kazan. The Main Building includes 3 classic portals with a white foreside. The Main Building Yard comprises the central administrative offices, the Library, the Anatomical Theatre, physics and chemistry laboratories, and the Observatory. A seven-story laboratory building was recently added to the campus. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with modern teaching elements such as a projector, speaker, and comfortable seating arrangements. It also has a Scientific Library with the world's most notable bibliographical collections, including fifteen thousand manus­cripts and three thousand rare books.

Kazan Federal University has various hostels for both boys and girls. The rooms have attached toilets, kitchens and washrooms, lamps, wardrobes, and beds. 24*7 CCTV surveillance is ensured at the hostel campus.


Student life in Kazan Federal University

The students can indulge in various sporting events, educational programs, and international conferences to expand their horizons of learning. There are various clubs which the students can join to enhance their skills.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 6224(₹ 454389)
Total Course Fees: $ 37347(₹ 2726334)

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