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About University

About V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University

The Crimea Federal University is a very prestigious college to get your MBBS degree. So, to pursue MBBS here, the candidate must obtain at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and qualifying marks in the national level NEET examination. Accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the institute owns a super-specialty hospital housing top-class surgeons and doctors. The entire MBBS course is taught completely in English. The training of Russian language learning is also offered to the International students separately for developing their compatibility with local patients during their practical sessions and during their internship period. The practical classes and demonstrations also take place in the hospital. The institution is recognized with the MCI and the WHO. It ranks 13 among all the medical colleges in the country and 3465 in the world. Student-friendly hostel facilities are available within the campus. The hostel has two kitchens on each floor that lets the students cook their food. However, the hostel canteen offers a variety of cuisines, like, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian as well as Arabic.

V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University was established in August 2015. After knowing the established year, you will think that it is a new University and it can't give us 100% output. Then you are thinking in wrong direction. Because in V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University every single department of a medical field is well-determined with the proper structure. Also, the faculty members are very talented and give their 100% efforts to make this institute famous in the medical field of Russia. The highly qualified staff and well-structured building make this institute good in all aspects. Compared to other institutes, V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University not going to take a maximum fee from the students.


Spotlight at V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University 

  1. NEET examination for Indian Students is compulsory also students have to score maximum marks.

  2. Acceptability for getting admission in V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University

Marks In

  • Physics: 60%

  • Chemistry: 60%

  • Biology: 60%

The total percentage of the 12th board should be above 65%.

  1. The minimum age for getting admission in V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University is student should be above 17 or 17 running in admission year.

  2. The required amount of fee is approximately Rs. 2,80,000.

  3. College located in city named as Simferopol, Russia.

  4. College ranking as compare to other medical universities

    • In-country it will stand at 19th position.

    • In all over the world it will stands at 3514th position.

  5. Required time to complete the MBBS in V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University is 5 years of academics in MBBS with 1 year of mandator Internship in any well-reputed hospital.

Total 6 years of the duration required.

  1. The communication Medium in the college campus is English. So, it will not become problematic for foreign students.


Courses offered by the V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University:

Paediatrics: The doctor who treated to the child who is in the range of 0 (from birth) to 18 years of child is called as pediatrician.

General Medicine : A student can be able to start his own clinic after completion the MBBS from this University.

Dentistry: The doctor who give the treatment related to the teeth problem is called a Dentist.

Pharmacy: This is a different branch from the MBBS. It is related to the production and distribution of drugs and medicine.

Internship: As college having its own hospital. So, the student doesn’t have to leave the college campus for completing 1 year.


University accommodation provided by the V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University:

  1. If you are Indian student then Indian restaurants and also Indian food is present in the surrounding area.

  2. In each room you have to share the bed with the 2 other members. The ventilation and the arrangement of every single thing in the hostel room is a proper.

  3. The hostel facility is provided to the students in the V.I. Venradsky Crimean Federal University.

  4. The boys’ and girls’ hostels are separated with the high security. So, the safety will not be problem especially for the girls.

  5. The best part of this hostel is, you can be able to cook your own food in the common kitchen.

  6. The free Wi-Fi connection and the water supply for each room is available for 24/7.

  7. If the student is interested in exercise then, the gymnasium and also the sports ground is provided by the hostel management.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 3425(₹ 250000)
Total Course Fees: $ 22438(₹ 1638000)

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