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About University

About Dagestan State Medical University

Dagestan State Medical University is one of the best and oldest University for medical education which is located Dagestan. Dagestan State Medical University was established in 1932 and it is well famous for top quality education in all over the world. You can be able to pursue your medical graduation or medical post-graduation in Dagestan State Medical University. The well-structured building and urban-area type campus area makes this institute more attractive. Surrounding environment of Dagestan State Medical University is suitable for study, it will not distract students from their concentration. The well experienced faculty members and good teaching quality of the faculties are most important factors of repetition of the Dagestan State Medical University.


Spotlight at Dagestan State Medical University

  1. For Indian Students, NEET examination is compulsory for getting admission.

  2. Acceptability for getting the admission in Dagestan State Medical University

Marks In

  • Physics: 50%

  • Chemistry: 50%

  • Biology: 50%

Total percentage of 12th board should be above 65%.

  1. Minimum age for getting admission in Dagestan State Medical University is student should be above 17 or 17 running in admission year.

  2. Required amount of fee is approximately Rs. 3,40,000.

  3. Collage located in city named as Republic of Dagestan, Russia.

  4. Collage ranking as compare to other medical universities

    • In country it will stand at 334th position.

    • In all over the world it will stands at 8184th position.

  5. Required time to complete the MBBS in Dagestan State Medical University is 5 years of academics in MBBS and 1 year of mandator Internship in any well reputed hospital.

Total 6 years of duration required.

Communication Medium in college campus is English. So, it will not become problematic for the foreign students.


Courses offered by the Dagestan State Medical University

Nursing: After the treatment done by the doctor, nurse is going to take care of the patient up to discharge of the patient from hospital.

Paediatrics: The doctor who treated to the child who is in the range of 0 (from birth) to 18 years of child is called as paediatrician.

General Medicine : A student can be able to start his own clinic after completion the MBBS from this University.

Pharmacy: This is different branch from the MBBS. It is related to production and distribution of the drugs and medicine.

Internship: As college having their own hospital. So, the student doesn’t have to leave the college campus for completing 1 year.


University accommodation provided by the Dagestan State Medical University

  1. College management is going to provide hostel facility for the students who came from the different countries or the different cities with the sharing basis.

  2. If you want to maintain your physical body then you can be able to join the Gym national which is provided by the college management.

  3. Student have to take active participation in a different kind of cultural events and sports events. Because apart from the academies such things are also important to feel relax in pressurized conditions.

  4. Whenever you got a doubt in your academic, you can directly call to your respective subject teacher. They will not refuse to answer the questions.

  5. Free Wi-Fi connection, hot and cold-water supply, washing Machine service and fridge is available for 24/7 in the hostel.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Program: Health Science, Medicine & Nursing
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: ₹ 1400000

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