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About University

Our Lady of Fatima University is a premier institution in the Philippines renowned for its allied medical sciences programs. The university was granted an Autonomous Status by the CHED last March 2009. It is affiliated with the AMSA, LIEMG, WHO, Indian Medical Council, and NAASCU. It has highly proficient and qualified faculties that aim to broaden the horizon of learning for the students. The university focuses on medical sciences and invites students of diverse religious beliefs. It was established by Jose C. Olivares and Dr. Vicente M. Santos in 1967. It is dedicated to offering an innovative and modern learning experience to the students. 

Year of Establishment
Courses Offered
MBBS/MD, Nursing, Medical Residency, Pharmacy,
Valenzuela City Quezon City Antipolo, Rizal San Fernando City, Pampanga Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija Santa Rosa City, Laguna
BS+MD Average Fee
Rs. 25,00,000 ($33,330)
Average Living Cost
Rs. 15000 ($200)
NMC and WHO approved
Students should get 50% aggregate in PCB(Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for Indian students. NMAT 40 Percentile
BS+MD Course Duration
6.5 Years (with internship)
Country Rank
Word Rank
Qualifying Marks
Number of Students
Not Required
Medium of Teaching

The university is recognized by the Department of Education and CHED. You can get cross-cultural practices and world-class academic opportunities at this university. The university was recognized to be the top producer of passers in Nursing Examinations. The university has expanded its facilities and continued its feat. The range of international students expose medical aspirants to diverse cultures and gives the community an international touch. This is a highly renowned institute that welcomes students from different corners of the world without any discrimination. With more than forty years of existence, the university has given thousands of knowledgeable and qualified practitioners to most countries.

MBBS in Philippines 

We all know the importance of a doctor in our human life. During pandemic situation of covid 19 in past 2 years, there are lots of the people are suffering from Corona. But the doctors are always there for the patients to help them out. Lots of a students are willing to be an doctor. But only few of them can be able to chase the dream. If you want to pursue your graduation from the Philippines in MBBS then, Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines will be the best option for you.

In 1967, this university was established. From that year to till this date this is growing in a very fast speed. Sometimes you will feel that, the sky will be the only limit for this. Approximately 30000 students have completed the graduation from different disciplines from this university. The best internet facility and magnificent campus makes these universities more beautiful. Modern equipment and well experience the teaching staff are present in this university. Lady Fatima University, Philippines have the five buildings in the Philippines where lots of a students from the country and from the foreign countries are persuing their graduation in medical field. As this university is belongs to the semi urban area, so there is always and peaceful environment around the college campus. That's why, the student can concentrate on his or her studies rather than any noises. You will also get a very support you non teaching staff in the Lady Fatima University, Philippines. Every single person who is working in this college will be available for the students at any time.

Universities in Philippines

Along with that, it is the first and only Philippine medical school to have an institutional clerkship program with a foreign hospital. During the 2011 Physician Licensure Examinations, the university dominated half of the list of top ten board passers. 

Ranking of our Lady Fatima University, Philippines:

Even if you are willing to buy something online we follow the rating of the particular product. In this case we are willing to take an admission in university where we belong for 6 years in a future then, we definitely have to go with the ranking of the particular University. In the ranking section, our Lady Fatima University, Philippine stands at a very respected position.

Our Lady Fatima University, Philippine stands at 33rd position in country and 7755th position in all over the world. After knowing the ranking of this college the student have to think about to take the admission in the our Lady Fatima University, Philippine.

Course Program Offered in Our Lady of Fatima University

Our Lady of Fatima University is the most popular educational institutions in the country in the field of paramedical like Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and non-paramedical programs like Hotel and Restaurant Management, Computer Studies, Business, Maritime Education, and Accountancy.

Our Lady of Fatima University has become one of the most respected and admired educational institutions in many countries, both in the field of paramedical such as Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, General Surgery, Emergency medicine, Pediatrics, Radiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anesthesia, Dermatology, Clinical Pathology, Orthopedics, ENT, Urology among others and non-paramedical programs such Hotel and Restaurant Management, Maritime Education, Computer Studies, Business, and accountancy.

Study in Philippines 

The Medium of Teaching in MBBS in Our Lady of Fatima University

The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries where 95 percent of the population are proficient in English speaking. So naturally, the courses offered here are also in that language. MBBS courses offered in English also give the space for an international student to apply since the language is globally recognized.

Why Study MBBS at Our Lady of Fatima University

Being part of this university has many benefits, some of them has highlighted below:

  1. First and foremost it never differentiates between the local public and the foreign students, they treat all of them equally.

  2. The first important point is this university believes in practical oriented knowledge. So, it maintain the balance between practical and theoretical knowledge.

  3. The different cultural activities, the sports culture and different National and international level events are occurs in this university.

  4. The university provides the students MBBS education which is equally focused on practicals and theory.

  5. The campus of OLFU provides a great environment for the students.

  6. There are cultural activities at the university to enhance the relationship between the students.

  7. There is no entrance exam to join the MBBS course at this university.

  8. Any kind of Capitation or Donation fee is not required to join this University.

  9. The MBBS course here has a very low college fee.

  10. The university is beautiful and it provides a safe environment for the students.

  11. The Hostel rooms of the university are large and spacious.

  12. Canteens are available at the university campus and they provide all types of Indian food.

  13. At the library, a 24 hours facility for reading is available.

  14. The college campus provides a 24 hours Wi-Fi facility.

  15. Individuals with a good attitude and a safe environment are studying at the university.

  16. The University provides excellent boarding and lodging.

MBBS course in Our Lady of Fatima Philippines

The college of Medicine is one of the flagship colleges of the Our Lady of Fatima University. Since its inception in 1979, the college has continuously developed its way of teaching along with its acquisition of state-of-the-art learning resources and equipment to be able to provide the best quality education in the field of medicine.

1. Nursing:

            Treating to the people is a really hard task but also job of nursing is tough task. Taking care of person after treatment is like an art. Nursing is a really good course in medical field. Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines is going to provide the chance to do specialisation in nursing.

2. Dentistry:

            Treating to problems which are related to the teeth is come under the dentistry. You can do it as specialisation after completion of your graduation in medical field. Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines is also provide the good opportunity to do specialisation in dentistry.

3. General surgery:

            Surgery is an integral part of studying MBBS in medical field. While you doing your MBBS, you will get lots of basic things which are related to the general surgery. Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines is going to give you an opportunity to do an general surgery.

4. Pediatrics:

            Treating to the children is also a good and satisfying job for some people. Personally, I feel like it is the job of almighty like treating the disease of small children. Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines is going to provide you an opportunity to do this.

5. Psychology:

            Knowing the state of others mind is under very interesting fact for lots of the people. If you are interested in this then, you can be able to do your psychology course in Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines. The well experienced faculty members and also supportive non faculty members will definitely help you to be a best in the psychology. You can complete your course within a reasonable fees. You don't have to pay an high amount of money to complete your course in a psychology in the Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines.

6. Radiology:

                        One of the famous medical specialization courses as compare to others is Radiology. Radiology has belonged to the Medical Disciplinary Family in which involves the process of capturing the images of tissues and the skeleton of the human body. It also involves the animals. This Radiology branch examines the entire body of that animal or the body of a human being then find out the exact problem in the tissue or skeleton, it also involves brain scanning. After examination Radiologist starts the treatment.

                        A student can complete his Radiology specialization course in 3 years and he or she can complete the M.Sc. in Radiology in 2 years in the Philippines. If you want to complete it in the Philippines then it is a great choice. For studying Radiology, the Philippines is the best country. Because the surrounding environment and nature affect the study of the student in a positive manner. This course having lots of scope in the future.

7. Pathology:

 Studying Pathology is related to studying organs or studying the entire body. Pathology is also included as the specialization of Medical science. In general, in this field, a Pathologist is going to help regarding the study of diseases after removing that kind of organ from the human body. After the removal of failed organ Pathologist is going to study it and then he or she will be able to explain the condition of that organ. Mostly Pathology study is involved in the dead body.

 For studying Pathology, the Philippines is the best country. Because the surrounding environment and nature affect the study of the student in a positive manner. The cost or expense in the Philippines while studying post-graduation or specialization courses is very minimum as compared to other countries. According to my opinion, Pathology is the study of the effect or the reasons for a particular disease or injury. This specialization course has a wide range for the practice of the students and the research also it is helpful.

8. Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Philippines:

 I want to explain the exact meaning of Gynaecology. After completion of MBBS that is graduation in medical field which is a bachelor course in Medical science, there is one specialization course that is only related to the reproductive system of the woman. The problems related to the vagina belong to this specialization course. A gynaecologist performs surgery also. Obstetrics is only related to the pregnancy of the mother and these doctors can treat the woman from the starting stage to the birth of the baby. These two courses are sub-specialization courses but when they combine then it becomes a specialization course for the graduated students.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology are commonly known as the Science of women. Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a postgraduation program.  In the Philippines you can get this master of degree certificate for Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 4 years the Philippines is the best country for the post graduational program. If you want to complete it in the Philippines then it is a great choice.

MBBS course in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines:

            If you are willing to do the MBBS from any of the university then you have to give your 100%efforrtsto complete the perticular task of graduation from the medical field.

  1. You have to take the science stream in 11th for getting the admission in medical colleges in any country

  2. In 12th standard, you have to score atleast 50%  in your PCB group that is Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  3. Then you have to appear for the Entrance examination which is held by the Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

  4. When you clear the entrance test,  you have to confirm the admission seat in this university. After confirmation of your seat in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines, you have to apply for your students visa in philippines.

  5. After getting your students visa, you are free to travel to the Philippines to pursue your graduation in medical field in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

                        These are some basic requirements to complete your graduation in medical field inOur Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

Important points:

  1. Generally, while you are willing to pursue your graduation in medical field, you have to spend approximately 6 years.

  2. Best quality teaching and very supportive staff is also there for the students to help them out in any situation.

  3. Pursuing MBBS is really costly, you have to pay approximately 3000 USD per annum in  Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

  4. In total 6 years, you have 5 years of academic and 1 year of intership in any well reputed hospital.

  5. While doing your graduation, you have to spend maximum hours in Library to study very hard which will helps them to build a bright future ahead.

BS+MD / MBBS in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines:

            Our Lady Fatima University Philippines is accepted by medical council of India that is MCI is BS-MD of 6 years together. Students who are pursuing their graduation are have to complete their BS- Bachelor Science in 2 years and then they have to complete their MD that is Doctor of Medicine in 4 years. In medical education MD+BS is considered as degree which is equal to MBBS. But if you are an Indian student then, you have to clear the screening test which is held by the medical council of India that is MCI.

Plus Points of completion of your graduation in medical field from Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines:

  1. Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines is well recognised by th MCI and WHO that is World Health Organization.

  2. Very supportive teaching staff will helps to the students to build their future in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

  3. While pursuing your graduation in medical field then it may be MBBS or BS-MD in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines, there will be recreation facilities like sports and gym are provided by college.

  4. Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines is going to provide an tropical climatic conditions like india with similar medical problems which are present in India.

  5. Health or medical professionals are one of the biggest export of Philippines. In this cycle, Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines provide the contribution.

  6. When you complete your degree program with a single year internship will qualify you to take the license exam for medical doctors in philippines.

  7. After completion of your graduation from the Our Lady Fatima University Philippines, a Philippine doctor will be named or labelled as the general medical practitioner. That particular person will may continue his studies after some kind of practice period in medical specialisation.

                        Generally, the point is completion of your BS+MD And completion of your MBBS from any university both the things are equal. Either you choose one we to be and professional doctor in a medical field from Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

Following is the admission procedure for applying to the MBBS course at Our Lady of Fatima University:

Application Procedure

  • The first step is to put clear all your mindset and have answers to all your question from Standyou.

  • Standyou helps to enroll for an MBBS in Our Lady of Fatima University or the Philippines is to appear in and qualify for the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT), a national level Examination required to be qualified to get admission in any medical college in the Philippines.

  • After Passing NMAT, several formalities need to be done if you missed any of the ones you may lose a chance to be part of the university, if you enrolled through Standyou then all your responsibility was taken by Standyou till your boarding.

  • After the confirmation of the invitation letter, it will take around 20 days in getting the immigration procedure started.

  • Now it's your turn to deposit the tuition fees in the university account.

  • Visit the Filipino Embassy in Delhi right after receiving the invitation letter.

Visa Application

  • Once the documents are received from the university, Standyou will take the online visa Appointment and look out for the other processes too.

  • Along with visas,  travel arrangements will also be done by Standyou.

  • After confirmation from Embassy, we will send students a passport to the embassy for the visa stamping.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to study MBBS at Our Lady of Fatima University is as follows:

  • The age of the applicant must be 17 and not more than 25 years.

  • NEET-UG examination of a student must be qualified.

  • The student must not hold any criminal record in his academic studies.

  • The applicant has to clear NMAT after completion of a 2years BS course.

  • An MBBS aspirant or say students of the general category must obtain a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are qualified to apply in university.

  • Students from the lower or economically weak class, say SC and SEBC categories who have a 40 percent average in physics, chemistry, and biology are qualified to apply to university.

  • The student must have passed all subjects in his/her 12th standard and English is a compulsory subject.

  • Students are not required to give any kind of entrance exams such as IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT, etc. for admission.

Required documents to get admission in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines:

  1. High School certificate of passing 10th and 12th.

  2. Birth certificate which is authenticated by NSO. It is most imp document while admission process in this university.

  3. 12th marksheet with 50% + marks in PCB.

  4. Two colour photos.

  5. Non criminal certificate from the government. (Note : if you are from other country and want to pursue your graduation from the Philippines then, there should not be any criminal case register on you. You have to clean in a legal way)

  6. After getting your admission, you will receive one recite of your admission. You have to submit that and confirm your seat.

  7. If you are boring student then, student visa is the most important document and it should be present in your folder.

                        These are some important documents you have to carry while you are getting admission in the Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

Hostel accommodation in Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines:

  1. For entertainment purpose of the students there will be TV sets and a common microwave service.

  2. The rooms which are present in hostel are well furnished and in each room there will be a single bed, desk, chair and wardrobe are present.

  3. For each room there is attached bathroom that means, you have to share it within your roommate (Only 1).

  4. The surrounding people are very helpful for students and that's the best part of it.

  5. You can call to your relatives with the local phone services which is present in the hostel.

  6. While talking about meal, you will get it within a reasonable amount of money. Quality of a food is not excellent. You can't match it within your family.

  7. 24/7 high speed internet data will be provided for the students who are living in hostel.

  8. As the building of hostel is huge, so there will be elevator access for each student You will find out very clean and neat bathroom and common areas because the weekly cleaning happens.

Duration for BS/MD  MBBS in Our Lady of Fatima university

The duration of the MBBS course at Our Lady Fatima University is a bit different than in other countries. The entire course is for  6 years which includes 1 year of internship.

The MBBS course in the Philippines is divided into BS, MD, and internship. BS can take 1.5 to 2 years. MD is nothing but MBBS. After BS, students can start with MD which takes 4 years

Detailed information


Degree Awarded: Doctor of Medicine (MD) Equivalent to MBBS in India

  • After class XII:

Duration: 6 years (2 years pre-med BS course + 4 years of MD course)

  • After Bachelors: FOUR Years of Medicine known as the MD course.

Duration: 4 years


Duration of course: 2 Years

Program: Specialized program for international students who wish to take the combined Bachelor’s degree and Medicine degree programs.


Duration of course: 1 Year

Program: Program where the K-12 subjects of Indian students, such as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, are automatically credited. Upon completion of the pre-med program, the students enter the Medicine program provided they pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT).

Our Lady of Fatima University Fee Structure

The Our Lady of Fatima University fees 2021 & Our Lady of Fatima University MBBS Fees is mentioned in this section. The Our Lady of Fatima University Fee Structure is given below:-

For First Year Fee (Fee in PHP)

The total assessment for the semester is 112,134 PHP(162,594.3INR)which is Philippine Peso (1PHP equals  1.45 Indian Rupees).  Along with this,  you must have to submit a minimum of 20000(29,000 INR) PHP down Payment and Application Fees of Our Lady of Fatima University is 100  PHP.

Fee for 2nd to 4th Years

For Second Year total assessment fee is 117,225 PHP(169976.25 INR) and for this down payment is 20,000(29,000 INR). And Total assessment fees for the Third year  115,979 PHP(168,169 INR) and down payment are the same as the second year and for the fees of the 4th year, total assessment fees are 120,738 PHP (175,070INR) with the same down payment.

MBBS Syllabus for Studying MBBS at Our Lady of Fatima University is as follows

Syllabus for Pre-Medical

First Semester                                                   

  • Calculus &Analytical -Geometry

  • Biochemistry

  • Plant Morpho-anatomy

  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

  • General Psychology

  • Parasitology

Second Semester

  • Plant Physiology

  • Fundamentals of

  • Genetics -Animal Physiology

  • Entomology

  • Freshwater Biology

  • General Microbiology

  • Philosophy of Man

  • Developmental Biology

Third Term

  • Ecology

  • Education for sustainable -development

  • Research Methodology

  • Systematic Biology

  • Cell and Molecular

  • Biology -Comparative Religion

  • Politics and Governance

Fourth Term

  • Rizal's Life, Works, and Writings -Econ. / Taxation & Agrarian Reform

  • Human Genetic

  • Radiation Biology

  • Histology &Micro-technique -Research in Bio. Sc.

  • (Thesis Writing) Immunology

Syllabus For (MD)MBBS

First Year

-History of
Medicine -Preventive and
Communicative -Medicine –Bioethics

Second Year

Pharmacology -General and
Clinical Pathology -Parasitology
-Neuroscience 2

Third Year

-Internal Medicine
-Legal Medicine
-Advanced Pathology
-Obstetrics and

Fourth Year

-Surgery -Medicine
-Obstetrics and

 Our Lady of Fatima University Campus and Accommodation

It has campuses in five cities Valenzuela city, San Fernando, Quezon City, Pampanga, and Antipolo. Quezon City campus has a peaceful environment, and it offers top-notch education to the students. The main campus of the university is located in Valenzuela City. It houses the St. Martin de Porres Building and College of Medicine Building, where the College of Business and Accountancy and College of Dentistry is situated.

Spotlight at Our Lady of Fatima University

  1. The university offers English medium MBBS programs to the students.

  2. You can enjoy here exceptional educational amenities and outstanding facilities.

  3. The degrees provided here are globally recognized.

  4. It houses the finest and the most competent faculties who’re always ready to assist the students.

  5. The students are provided with a hands-on learning experience.

  6. The OLFU provides scholarships, Equity and Access, Student Services, Relevance of Programs, and extension programs to students.

  7. It is the only medical school in the Philippines to have a clerk training program with foreign hospitals.

  8. It is known to have a high passing rate in the USMLE examination.

  9. The tuition fee is highly affordable, and you don’t need to pay a donation for admission to this college.

University Campus and Accommodation

Our Lady of Fatima University has aircon classrooms, an auditorium, a computer lab, a Biology lab, and a Physics lab. It also has a canteen where you can enjoy world-class cuisines. The university also houses a gym, an auditorium, and a volleyball and basketball court.

The university offers spacious accommodation options to international students. The medical college hostel comes with separate facilities for both girls and boys. All the rooms include mattresses, beds, two side tables, pillows, a wardrobe, a table and chair, and blankets. The hostel has 24 hours security guards and CCTV cameras for the safety of the students. 

  • The MBBS students can stay at Our Lady of Fatima university Hostel on campus which is just opposite the university.

  • The hostel has 24 hours security guards for students’ safety and also there are CCTV cameras.

  • Along with it having distinct hostels for girls and boys, allowing them to feel completely at ease in their living quarters.

  • The Dormitory rooms of Our Lady of Fatima University are large, with the option of being fully air-conditioned and furnished with pleasant furnishing. The attached washrooms and toilets are also there.

  • Fees for the hostel are also minimum.

LifeStyle at Our Lady Of Fatima University

The management at OLFU makes sure that the life of students at Lady of Fatima University is beneficial for the organization and academic excellence of its students.

  • Students of OLFU are provided with a huge library. The most important thing is that students can access the library anytime and it is free to access.

  • Indians love to celebrate festivals. At this university, the students celebrate all the festivals with great enthusiasm.

  • Along with the hostel facility, students also get their favorite food at the hostel canteen.

  • The university is listed on the California board in medicine and this makes students eligible for a job in California, and this offers a great opportunity to the students to work in the USA.

Students Life at Our Lady of Fatima University

There are tons of recreational facilities that can be availed by the students at Our Lady of Fatima University. It has an indoor playroom where you can play games like carom and chess. The college also has a big volleyball and basketball court, where students can rejuvenate after classes.

  1. For the entertainment purpose of the student there will be TV set in the hostel. And there will be also refrigerator system for all the students in a hostel. Additionally, there will be microwave oven also.

  2. The climate is good for health in Philippines and will suit you within a some days. At start it may not suit you. But your body will definitely adjust within the weather.

  3. The well experienced faculty members are present for the students at any situation which is related to the academic.

  4. In Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines, there is a central library which is open for maximum time. In this library, the several books of several streams are present and everything student is free to study everything within his or her interest.

  5. Non faculty members like a technician, lab technician etc. Will be e also there for you at any time because they are very supportive.

  6. You will definitely get a quality education from the Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines.

  7. The Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines is going to provide you an hostel facility for the student who came from the different countries or may from Canada but far in distance.

The Campus of Our Lady of Fatima University

Our Lady of Fatima University has six campuses. The main campus is located in Valenzuela city, on the outskirts of Metropolitan Manila. The main campus houses the College of Medicine Building and the St. Martin de Porres Building where the College of Dentistry and College of Business and Accountancy are situated. Also found in Valenzuela is the Fatima University Medical Center, a partner institution of the College of MedicineThe Valenzuela City Campus also exclusively houses the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, and College of Maritime Education.

  • The students are provided with the best facilities on the campus such as conference and seminar rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, amphitheater, library facilities with audio-visual monitors, administrative offices, research and teaching laboratories, seminar departments, and a huge parking space.

Another cluster of Valenzuela campus buildings is in the vicinity of the national shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. This location houses the college of hospitality and Institutional Management, College of Maritime Education, and Basic Education Department.

Valenzuela Campus has easy access to downtown Manila and metro Quezon City. Numerous no of bus and taxis are available. Having Metro terminal in the way, it will take 15-20 minutes to reach there.

Assistance by Standyou for MBBS Admission in our Lady Of Fatima University

Students can apply for direct admission to the Philippines through Standyou for MBBS in the Philippines. Standyou is one of the old and good favorite platforms for many years. We at Standyou, being one of the most reliable overseas education consultants assists Indian Medical aspirants in getting the low-cost top universities in the Philippines for MBBS Like Our Lady Of Fatima University. Along with all these prepared MBBS aspirants are eligible to identify the best way to study in the Philippines at LOFU.

Standyou center is one of the major roles in the field of international studies. It has assisted so many students with their immigration applications. Through overseas education, it supports you in achieving your goals. Furthermore, they are responsible for all major and minor procedures such as profile evaluation, university shortlisting, application preparation, admissions access, and visa procedures among others. We can be among the pioneers in successful overseas education agencies because of the agency's systematic working style. With the help of the agency, you will be able to go forward in the appropriate direction.

Benefits of being part of Stand you

  • Easy Application process

  • Get Proper Assistance

  • Accurate counseling to choose what is best for you.

  • Reliable Information

Documents Required for BS+MD/MBBS in Our Lady Of Fatima University

Following documents are required at the time of admission to Our Lady of Fatima University:

  • 10 passport size Photographs.

  • 10th Mark sheet & Certificate.

  • 12th Mark sheet & Certificate.

  • Official Invitation letter from the University.

  • Passport (Having minimum of 18 months validity).

  • Birth Certificate.

  • All documents Authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

  • Embassy’s Legalization for all the documents.

  • Visa fees.

  • University’s 1st-year Tuition fee’s Bank receipt (required for some Universities).

  • NEET Certificate.

  • HIV test documents (with negative test results)

Accreditation and Recognition

Our Lady of Fatima University is recognized and accredited by many important medical bodies in the field of medical education such as

  • Philippines Education Ministry

  • World Health Organization

  • Education Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates, USA

  • Indian Medical Council

  • International Medical Education Directory

  • Accredited by the Illinois State Board Of Education

  • Accredited by the New York State Board Of Education

  • Recognized by the California Quality Health Assurance

  • Competent Alumni Placed in Key Hospitals in the Philippines and abroad

  • Garnering topnotch in the Physician’s Licensure Examinations Philippines

The Exceptional Benefits of studying MBBS in the Philippines at Our Lady Of Fatima University offer Low-cost MBBS Education, high-quality MBBS education, NMC approved MBBS degree and direct MBBS admission in the Philippines at Our Lady Of Fatima University have made worthy to study MBBS in the Philippines.

You can get World-class academic opportunities and cross-cultural practices at Low-cost MBBS fees in the Philippines at our Lady Of Fatima University. Standyou presents comprehensive information for the MBBS students and their parents seeking Education in the Philippines.

Get World-class academic amenities at a single platform

  • Low–cost MBBS fee

  • English Medium MBBS Program

  • Globally Recognized Degree

  • Exceptional Academic Amenities

  • Best Infrastructure

  • Global Research Opportunities

  • Affordable Accommodation


Our Lady of Fatima University offers some scholarships to students:

The students who fulfill the required score in academics are given these types of scholarships. One simple rule to get this scholarship is that the students must not score less than 2.00 in any subject. To avail of this scholarship the student must have an average score (all subject scores together) as given below:

  • A score of 1.25 or higher = 100% discount on the total fee

  • Scores between 1.26 – 1.30 = 100% off on tuition fee

  • Scores between 1.31 – 1.40 = 75% off on tuition fee

  • Scores between 1.41 – 1.50 = 50% off on tuition fee

  • Scores between 1.51 – 1.60 = 25% off on tuition fee

  • Scores between 1.61 – 1.70 = 10% off on tuition fee

Scholarship for Service

Following scholarships can be given to deserving students for their service.

  • For Libraries

  • For labs

  • For counseling and Guidance

Financial Scholarships

A) Leonora Jusgaya Scholarship

These are provided to students (even deemed students) who do not qualify for academic grants. The Finance office selects students by screening them. If selected the candidates are given a 50% to even 100% Scholarship.

B) Sibling or Family Privilege Discounts

The siblings who join the college together get this type of scholarship. At this university, a 10% waiver of the tuition fee is provided to both siblings.

Intake for MBBS in Our Lady of Fatima University

The applications start rolling in from September when the applicants would have to wait for 45 to 60 days while their applications get Processed. The Country follows the standard US education system which gives them a global appeal. The universities accept everyone and anyone without any Biases.

About the city where Our Lady Fatima University, Philippines is located:

Since the establishment of Our Lady Fatima University, it is located in the city named as Valenzuela. One of the best and urbanised fitting located in the Philippines. While talking about the weather in this city, it very is between 32 to 35 degree celsius with the 16 km per hour wind blow. And approximately 57% of humidity is present in the environment of the city. The different kind of shopping malls movie theatres, a tourism places and famous for the food court. In all of those, fields this city touching sky.

For a student, he or she can on the money for day to day expenses by doing a part time job which is easily available in this city. It will helps to the students to stand on their own. As like other metro cities, there are different clubs and bars are present in the City. But the student don't have to distract from those things. He must be a very concentrate and determined a person while studying there MBBS in the medical field in the Our Lady Fatima University.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 7000(₹ 511000)
Total Course Fees: $ 38000(₹ 2774000)

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