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About University

About Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

1. History and Foundation: The Scuola Normale Superiore was founded in 1810 by Napoleon Bonaparte as a branch of the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, with the aim of forming teachers capable of teaching in high schools and universities. Its model was based on the French École Normale Supérieure.

2. Academic Excellence: The Normale is renowned for its high academic standards and rigorous selection process. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs, focusing on the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The institution is known for providing an intense and high-level academic environment.

3. Small Student Body and Individualized Study: One of the hallmarks of Scuola Normale Superiore is its small size, which allows for a low student-to-teacher ratio and highly personalized education. Students often receive one-on-one mentorship and have the opportunity to engage deeply with their subjects.

4. Research and International Presence: Despite its small size, the Normale is highly active in research and has a strong international presence. It collaborates with institutions and researchers around the world, contributing significantly to fields of study.

5. Campus and Facilities: The main campus is located in the beautiful historic center of Pisa, offering students a unique blend of cultural heritage and academic life. The facilities include historic and modern buildings, libraries with extensive collections, and state-of-the-art research laboratories.

Universities in Italy

Course Programs at Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Undergraduate Programs

1. Sciences: Includes Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. These programs are designed to provide a solid foundation in the respective fields, with a strong emphasis on research and practical experience.

2. Humanities: Encompasses fields like Literature, Philosophy, History, and Art History. These programs aim to provide a deep understanding of human culture and thought, with a focus on critical analysis and scholarly research.

Graduate Programs

1. Ph.D. Programs: SNS offers doctorate programs in both the sciences and humanities, allowing students to pursue advanced research in their area of interest. Ph.D. candidates at SNS often engage in cutting-edge research, often in collaboration with international research institutions.

2. Master’s Programs: Although less common than Ph.D. and undergraduate programs, some specialized Master’s programs are offered, often in collaboration with other universities or institutions.

Specialized Courses and Research

1. Research Fellowships and Post-Doctoral Programs: For those who have completed their Ph.D., SNS provides opportunities for further research through fellowships and post-doctoral positions, contributing to the academic community with innovative research projects.

2. Advanced Training Courses: SNS occasionally offers advanced courses and summer schools on specific topics, catering to both its students and the international academic community.

IT & Computer Science Courses in Italy

Bachelor Course Programs at Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Program Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD


3 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)


3 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)


3 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)


3 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Humanities (including Literature, Philosophy, History, and Art History)

3 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Study in Italy


Masters Course Programs at Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Course Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD

[Specific Field of Study, e.g., Physics]

2 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

[Specific Field of Study, e.g., Mathematics]

2 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

[Specific Field of Study, e.g., Philosophy]

2 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

[Specific Field of Study, e.g., History]

2 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

[Specific Field of Study, e.g., Biology]

2 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

B.Eng (Bachelor of Engineering)

PhD/Doctorate Course Programs at Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Course Name

Duration of the Course

Tuition Fees Per Year in USD

Ph.D. in Physics

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in Mathematics

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in Chemistry

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in Biology

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in Classics

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in Philosophy

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in History

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in Art History

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)

Ph.D. in Political Science and Sociology

3-4 years

No tuition fees (full scholarship)


Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy for International Students

Admission Process

  • Competitive Selection: Admission to SNS is highly competitive, with candidates required to undergo a rigorous selection process, which may include written and oral examinations, as well as evaluation of their academic records and potential for research.

  • Language Requirements: While knowledge of Italian is beneficial, especially for humanities programs, SNS also offers programs and conducts research in English, particularly in the scientific fields. Applicants may need to provide evidence of proficiency in the language of instruction.

Scholarships and Financial Support

  • Full Scholarships: Students admitted to SNS, including international students, are typically awarded full scholarships, which cover tuition fees, accommodation, and provide a monthly stipend to cover living expenses.

  • No Tuition Fees: Reflecting the Italian higher education system's approach to academic excellence, SNS does not charge tuition fees to its students, aiming to ensure that financial considerations do not hinder access to education.

Academic Environment

  • Highly International: With a strong international orientation, SNS has students and faculty from around the world, fostering a multicultural academic environment.

  • Research-Focused: Students are encouraged to engage in research from the early stages of their studies, with access to excellent resources and facilities.

Living in Pisa

  • Cultural Experience: Pisa offers a rich historical and cultural environment, with a vibrant student life and many opportunities to engage with the local and academic communities.

  • Connectivity: Pisa is well-connected both locally and internationally, making it a convenient base for academic and personal travels in Europe.

Admission Process of Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

1. Application Submission

  • Documentation: Candidates must submit an application along with documents, including academic transcripts, a curriculum vitae, and letters of recommendation.

  • Deadlines: Pay attention to the application deadlines, which are usually clearly specified on the SNS website.

2. Entrance Examination

  • Written Exam: Applicants are generally required to take a written examination that tests their knowledge and skills in the chosen field of study.

  • Subject-specific Tests: The content and format of these exams vary depending on the discipline (sciences, humanities, etc.).

3. Oral Examination

  • Interview: Candidates who pass the written exam are usually invited for an oral examination or interview. This is an opportunity to demonstrate deep knowledge of the subject, critical thinking, and motivation for research.

  • Evaluation Criteria: The oral exam assesses the candidate's intellectual potential, research aptitude, and fit with the SNS’s academic environment.

4. Evaluation of Academic Records and Research Proposal

  • Academic Excellence: The candidate’s previous academic performance is thoroughly evaluated.

  • Research Proposal: For Ph.D. admissions, a research proposal might be required to assess the candidate’s research interests and potential.

5. Admission Offer and Scholarships

  • Selection: Based on the exams, interview, and academic record, the SNS selects candidates for admission.

  • Scholarship Offer: Admitted students usually receive a full scholarship, covering tuition, accommodation, and living expenses.

Intake And Eligibility of Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy


  • Annual Admissions: SNS typically admits students once a year, with the application process usually starting in the spring or early summer.

  • Limited Seats: Due to the highly selective nature of the programs, the number of students admitted each year is limited, ensuring a low student-to-faculty ratio and maintaining high academic standards.

Eligibility Criteria

For Undergraduate Programs

  • Academic Achievement: Applicants must have an excellent academic record, usually demonstrated through high school grades and standardized test scores.

  • Entrance Exams: Candidates must pass written and oral exams specific to the field of study they are applying for.

  • Age Limit: There is often an age limit for undergraduate applicants, typically requiring candidates to be under a certain age (e.g., 19 years old).

For Ph.D. Programs

  • Master’s Degree: Applicants usually need to have completed a Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field of study.

  • Research Proposal: A well-formulated research proposal is often required, demonstrating the candidate's research skills and alignment with the potential supervisor’s expertise at SNS.

  • Academic Excellence: Demonstrated through previous university grades, publications, and recommendations.

Scholarship Available at Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Scholarship Type


Eligibility Criteria

Tuition Fee Waiver

Full waiver of tuition fees

All admitted students


Free or subsidized housing

All admitted students, based on availability

Living Expenses

Monthly stipend

Based on merit or financial need

Research Grant

Funding for research activities

Graduate students, based on research proposal

Travel Grants

Support for academic-related travel

Depending on academic or research requirements


Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy Campus & Accommodation Facilities

Campus Location

Accommodation Facilities


Cost of Accommodation


Student Residences

Rooms or apartments typically offered to students, with utilities and internet included.

Mostly covered by scholarships; specific costs for certain options may apply.


Student Residences

Accommodations are more limited compared to the Pisa campus, often for postgraduate students.

Mostly covered by scholarships; specific costs for certain options may apply.


Students Life at Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Academic Environment

  • Highly Competitive: SNS is known for its selective admission process, catering to a small group of highly talented students.

  • Intensive Research: Students engage in intensive research and academic activities, often working closely with professors and researchers.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Encourages a multidisciplinary study approach, allowing students to explore beyond their major fields.

Cultural Immersion

  • Historical Campuses: The campuses in Pisa and Florence are steeped in history, offering students a unique blend of living in historically rich environments while pursuing their studies.

  • Cultural Activities: SNS organizes cultural, artistic, and social events, including lectures, concerts, and exhibitions, enhancing the cultural richness of student life.

  • Italian Lifestyle: Living in Italy allows students to immerse themselves in Italian culture, cuisine, and language, offering a deeply enriching personal and academic experience.

Community and Support

  • Close-knit Community: The small student body fosters a close-knit community, with opportunities for students to form lasting friendships and networks.

  • Comprehensive Support: SNS provides a supportive environment, including counseling services, career advice, and academic support, ensuring students’ well-being and success.

  • Active Student Organizations: student clubs and organizations offer opportunities for leadership, community service, and social interaction, catering to a wide range of interests.

Living and Accommodation

  • Campus Housing: SNS typically provides accommodation for students, which helps ease the transition to living in a new city and fosters a sense of community.

  • Living in Tuscany: The experience of living in Tuscany is unparalleled, with its rich history, art, and beautiful landscapes, offering students a high quality of life.


Placements in Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Academic and Research Positions

  • Higher Education Institutions: Many graduates pursue academic careers, joining faculties at prestigious universities worldwide.

  • Research Institutes: Graduates are also well-represented in leading research institutions, contributing to cutting-edge research in their fields.

Industry and Private Sector

  • Consulting and Finance: Graduates with a background in economics, finance, or similar fields often secure positions in consulting firms, financial institutions, and banks.

  • Technology and Engineering: For those in the sciences and engineering, opportunities in tech companies, startups, and engineering firms are common, reflecting the strong analytical and problem-solving skills developed at SNS.

Public Sector and International Organizations

  • Government and Policy: Alumni can be found in governmental and policy-making roles, benefiting from the strong analytical, legal, and socio-economic training received at SNS.

  • International NGOs and Organizations: Graduates with interests in international relations, global challenges, and humanities often move into roles with NGOs, international agencies, and organizations.

Arts, Literature, and Humanities

  • Cultural Institutions: For students in the humanities, careers in museums, cultural foundations, and academic publishing are common paths, leveraging their deep understanding of cultural and historical contexts.

  • Writing and Journalism: Alumni with a passion for writing and reporting can be found in journalism, both in traditional media and new digital platforms.


  • Startups: Some alumni leverage their expertise and networks to launch startups, particularly in tech, social enterprises, and innovative business models.

Placement Support and Professional Development

  • Career Services: The institution provides career counseling, resume workshops, and networking opportunities to help students navigate their career paths effectively.

  • Alumni Network: An active and engaged alumni network offers students mentorship opportunities, industry insights, and potential job leads.


Acceptance Rate of Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

  • Limited Enrollment: SNS offers a very limited number of places in its undergraduate and graduate programs to maintain a high faculty-to-student ratio and ensure personalized attention and mentoring for each student.

  • Rigorous Selection: The selection process involves a thorough evaluation of each applicant's academic background, achievements, and potential. This may include written exams, oral interviews, and a review of academic records and personal statements.

  • High Competition: SNS attracts applications from the most talented students from Italy and around the world, making the competition for admission intense.

Campus Location of Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Pisa Campus

  • Main Focus: The Pisa campus is the original and primary location of SNS, focusing on a broad spectrum of disciplines, including the sciences, mathematics, and humanities.

  • Facilities: It hosts a range of facilities, including libraries, research centers, and student accommodation. The campus is integrated into the urban fabric of Pisa, allowing students to experience the city’s rich cultural life.

  • Address: The precise locations and departments can be found on the SNS website or by contacting the institution directly.

Florence Campus

  • Main Focus: The Florence campus primarily focuses on the social sciences and humanities. It is particularly known for its programs in history, art history, and philosophy.

  • Facilities: Similar to Pisa, the Florence campus offers specialized libraries and research centers. It is situated in historical buildings, offering a unique academic and cultural atmosphere.

  • Address: Specific details on the Florence campus’s location and its departments are available through SNS’s official communication channels.

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