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About University

The Southwestern University prides itself to be the first full-fledged medical school outside Manila. It is a private university that has been facilitating educational services since 1946. It aims to serve the world by providing affordable, high-quality, and accessible education to international and local students. Two pharmacists started it as Southwestern Colleges in1946. On December 11, 1959, it became a university, and in 2015 it was acquired by PHINMA Group. The university was renamed Southwestern University PHINMA, and it changed its logo and closed the South Campus in Cebu City.

Southwestern University has two campuses. Its main campus is situated on Urgello St., and the second campus Aznar Coliseum Complex is on Aznar Road. The closed South Campus housed theVeterinary Teaching Hospital, the Elementary and High School Training Department, and the College of Veterinary Medicine. It serves as the dream destination for Indian medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS in the Philippines. Every year, many international students seek admission into this university's MBBS program to design their future Doctor Career. Southwestern University Philippines teems with excitement and life, with the diverse range of student population hailing worldwide, including Africa, America, India, Maldives, and Malaysia, making it a transformative and internationally competitive institution of higher education.


Courses Program offered at Southwestern University

Southwestern University offers various courses such as BS in Medical Technology, BS in Nursing, BS in Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Optometry, BS in Physical Therapy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, BS in Accountancy, BS in Architecture, BS in Political Science, etc. The MBBS course is based on a US-based educational system. The total course duration is five years, in which the last four years are MD program, including an internship in their own hospitals, and the first year is Pre-medicine.


USP/Features of the University

  1. The School of Medicine has a reputation for training and educating physicians and shaping them to become excellent practitioners who foster innovations through research to improve healthcare delivery.

  2. The university doesn't accept any donations and has a very affordable fee structure.

  3. The sheer dedication of the staff has made it possible to ignite a passion for respective fields and become hands-on professionals.

  4. With their elaborate computer-aided facilities, machinery, labs, and libraries, the resourceful campuses have catered to a better understanding of disciplines taught here.

  5. The international students studying here hail from thirty-four countries on five continents. 


University Campus and Accommodation

SWU has world-class infrastructure with excellent architectural buildings, spacious classrooms, lavish greenery, and fully furnished laboratories. It also offers the latest 3 D teaching aids, a huge ground with sports arenas, and a library. SWU always offers the best facilities to the students and aims to maintain the top position in educational standards all around the globe.

The university provides lodging facilities to students who have come from neighboring countries to study here. The place is fully equipped and is housed by an experienced warden for the security of its students. Hostel Management is dedicated to making sure that decorum and discipline are adequately maintained. All facilities are affordable, inclusive of the rent, common room, and mess. It also provides a range of indoor recreational activities such as Carom, table tennis, etc. The hostel management also organizes outdoor recreational activities in the form of one day outings, among others.


Students Life at Southwestern University

The institute is actively engaged in organizing and being a part of several events and concerts in order to encourage students to hone their interpersonal skills. Moreover, the institution's ideologies thrive on freshly positive ideas and a dynamic outlook, perpetuating teamwork and creativity. The various competitions, conferences organized here help students delve deeper into their subjects and foster sustainable industrial relations with a panel of eminent stalwarts in this industry.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Language: English
Required Degree -
Total Course Fees: ₹ 2351250

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