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About University

Zamboanga Medical School Foundation is a Jesuit and Catholic university in Mindanao. It envisions designing a medical school whose curriculum combines problem-based instruction and experiential learning with competency in the community. The university is committed to providing expert medical training that allows the students to meet the medical board examination's licensing requirements to practice as doctors in the Philippines. It began as Escuela Catolica in 1912 and was run by Spanish Jesuits and initially offered secondary and primary education to boys. In 1952 it was declared to be a college, and in August 2001, it was granted the status of a university. After a careful evaluation, the university's program was approved in February 1994 by the Panel for Medical Education of the CHED. The College of Medicine of this university is considered the top medical institution in the country.

It has two campuses, Barangay Tumaga with a grade school division and junior high school and La Purisima Street with senior high school division and tertiary school. The students are exposed to simulated or real problems arranged around the themes of learning. After each tutorial session in the classroom, the students are exposed to actual patients, community, and clinics to polish their skills.


Courses Program offered at Zamboanga Medical School Foundation

Zamboanga Medical School Foundation offers various Allied Medicine Courses powered by technological science equipment and modern medical science that is facilitated by qualified and competent teachers. The university also offers six months caregiver course and nursing, liberal arts, management, and accountancy programs. The student will study four years of the medical course or MD, divided into three years of theoretical education and one year of internship.


Spotlight at Zamboanga Medical School Foundation                

  1. The university holds a week-long annual sports fest called Ateneo Fiesta.

  2. It has been declared as a Centre of Excellence by the Commission of Higher Education.

  3. Partnering with the universities of Laos, Nepal, Cambodia, and Calgary, the School of Medicine uses a community-based and problem-based learning approach to medical practice with special emphasis on serving the communities in Western Mindanao.

  4. The Graduate School of ADZU offers Doctor of Philosophy and Masters level programs across the various disciplines covered by the undergraduate schools.

  5. To seek admission to the School of Medicine of this university, you need to show results in the National Medical Admission Test. To seek admission to the College of Law, you need to show results in the PhilSAT.

  6. The Philippine Accrediting Association of Colleges, Universities, and schools has granted Accreditation to this prestigious university.

  7. The campus also has two Multi-Purpose Courts, the Bellarmine-Campion Quadrangle, the Backfield, the Jesuit Residences, the Sauras Hall, and the Rosauro Hall.


University Campus and Accommodation

The main campus is spread across 4.3 hectares on La Purisima Street and houses the graduate and undergraduate schools and the High School unit. Buildings that are used as learning spaces here include the Canisius and Gonzaga halls colloquially referred as the C building, the Kostka Hall, the Bellarmine-Campion building, the Xavier Hall, and the Francisco Wee Saavedra Building. The Learning Resource Center houses the library and several important offices and administrative units. The campus also has two Multi-Purpose Courts, the Bellarmine-Campion Quadrangle, the Backfield, the Jesuit Residences, the Sauras Hall, and the Rosauro Hall.


Students Life at Zamboanga Medical School Foundation

Zamboanga Medical School Foundation gives international exposure to the students by organizing various seminars, conferences, and quiz shows in which students from different colleges participate. The students can also enroll them into various clubs as per their interests. They can also participate in various sports events that the university regularly organizes to enhance students' overall development.

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