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About University

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences


The Kathmandu University of Medicinal Sciences or KUSMS is a renowned medical school in Nepal inaugurated as early as in the year 1894. This medical school is a center for propagating quality education in the three important clinical sectors of nursing, medical and allied health science programs. The foundation of this institute is an initiative on the part of both Kathmandu University and Dhulikhel Hospital. The renowned school of KUSMS is included among the seven schools running under the banner of the Kathmandu University. The MBBS course program at this institution was launched on the 7th of September in 2001. Every year since this particular date is celebrated as KUSMS day. The KUMSMS runs from two different facilities hosting the basic sciences department and the university hospital. The former is situated at a hilltop at Chaukaot which is a part of the Panauti area and provided with elaborate lecture halls and laboratories. The latter however is a non-profit government-owned institution located 3 km apart at Dhulikhel. Various medical schools of Nepal have been granted affiliations to KUSMS since its foundation. This medical school runs fueled by a noble ideology dedicated to churning our socially responsible and technically competent medical personnel. These medical schools bear a nod of approval from the Ministry of Education of Nepal, the Medical Council of India(MCI) as well as the World Health Organisation(WHO).


Take a look at the course program

The KUSMS has launched different graduate and postgraduate courses concerning medical, nursing, and allied health programs. The most popular of these courses is MBBS started in the year 2001. The course program is tenured to a standard of 5.5 years. The initial 4.5 years includes an integrated medical program while the rest of the duration of the course contains yearlong internship training at the clinical departments of the hospital at Dhulikhel or remote health centers. The former 4.5 years of the program are dedicated to learning basic sciences, community medicines, and clinical disciplines. The MBBS program at KUSMS is a problem-based course rather syllabus based which increases the credibility of the program exponentially. The course is also known to prioritize the requirements of students ahead of all others. Other course programs offered by the Kathmandu University of Medical Sciences include BDS, BSc Nursing, BSc in Human Biology, BNS, BSC Nursing in Midwifery, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Postgraduate programs in clinical and basic sciences along with DM and MC h programs in an array of clinical disciplines.


Stay on campus

The many campus houses at KUSMS include hostel buildings meant for student accommodation. The hostels are separate for both male and female students. Though the student quarters at KUSMS are modest, at the very least students are promised safety and maximum comfort. Students can choose to share their living spaces with preferred roommates at KUSMS. The food served at the hostel mess and canteen is hygienically prepared and suits the Indian palate.


What’s happening on campus?

The Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences is one of the oldest and accredited institutes of studying medicine in Nepal. The course program at this school bears resemblance to a typical Indian MBBS pattern. The education offered at this university also successfully conforms to the highest quality. This is apparent from the fact that this school has the highest percentage of passing students as compared to the other universities offering medical degrees in Nepal. The expense of studying medicine and living comfortably at KUSMS is minimal as it is a non-profit organization. There are a few scholarships at play supporting eligible students financially at KUSMS. A student traveling from India may find familiarity in terms of food, culture, and faculties and staffs most of whom are Indians.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: ₹ 5505000

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