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About University

Patan Academy of Health Sciences: At a glance

A mention-worthy name among all the medical colleges in Nepal is the Patan Academy of Health Sciences. This institution is imbued with the idea of bettering the rural health scenario of Nepal by training highly skilled and compassionate health professionals. The Patan Academy of Health Sciences is situated in the city of Patan, Lalitpur near Kathmandu which is the capital city of Nepal. The academy was founded on the year 2008 with the due assistance of the charter granted by the respected Parliament of Nepal. The academy is known to possess its constitution bearing the name Patan Academy of Health Sciences, 2008. The oldest academy linked to the PAHS is the School of Medicine that was initiated as early as 2010. The School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2016 and the School of Public Health in 2017 were later additions to the institution. In the future, a School of Allied Sciences is supposed to be set up dedicated to the training of health professionals. Graduates of PAHS may get absorbed by the University of Sydney because of its tie-up with the academy. One of the important salient features of the PAHS is that the academy prioritizes students from remote corners of the country along with more female candidates as applicants during the selection process. Students at PAHS are required to participate in the clinical rotations at remote health centers located mainly in the rural and remote corners of Nepal right from their first year of medical training which continues throughout the program.


Take a look at the Course Program

Both the School of Medicine and School of Nursing at the PAHS offers an array of undergraduate and postgraduate interesting clinical and nursing program like MBBS, PCL, BN, B.Sc in Nursing and M.Sc in Nursing. The MBBS program at this academy goes on for about 6 years which is different from all other medical colleges and universities in Nepal. The MBBS curriculum at PAHS is greatly inspired by the Western standard of medical education. The initial 5 years are spent in the study of clinical subjects followed by a medical internship at the Patan teaching hospital for 1 year. This is often supplemented by clinical postings at different health centers and hospitals situated in the interior and remote parts of Nepal.


Stay on campus

The PAHS has hostels that are separated on the basis of the respective gender of the students. These student quarters are modern spaces offering all basic amenities. Students can rely on the hostels to provide mess services, comfort, and a high level of security.


How's life on campus

The PAHS provides unparallel facilities pertaining to academia. The distinguished faculties at this institute provide innovative teaching methods that contribute to a better understanding of complicated subject matters. The PAHS has all modern technologies in terms of its laboratories, lecture halls, a well-stocked library, etc. The medium of instruction at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences is English that helps Indian students to overcome the language barrier. In order to provide assistance with the substantial medical burden, several scholarship programs have been initiated by the PAHS. The on-campus culture at this academy is extremely welcoming filled with warmth and tolerance towards different individuals. In order to develop a leadership mentality and nurture young medical minds, the academy also encourages activities outside of academia.



Students at PAHS can explore different foreign universities and medical colleges as medical exchange students because of its ties with many international institutions. The aim of PAHS is not only to produce medical professionals who are hard-working, competent, and highly skilled but also to instill a sense of social responsibility and leadership when it comes to providing healthcare services to the individuals existing at the backward fringes of society.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
Total Course Fees: ₹ 3012000

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