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Key Features for MBBS in Belarus for ( 2020 – 2026 )




Score Required in 10+2

60% aggregate in PCB

NEET Requirement


Fees Structure

4000 to 6000 USD per annum


250 to 300 USD per month


Six years

Medium of Instruction


Top Medical University

Gomel State Medical University


MCI and WHO approved


Minimum 17 years old

The students who want to have a bright future in the medical field always look for a reputed international university to pursue MBBS. If you want to go to an institution with a world-class education, then you can medical universities at Belarus. This country is famous for the healthcare and education sector due to which it is an ideal choice of medical aspirants. The MBBS in Belarus can be finished in six years in which five years will be of studies and one year would include the internship. When it comes to studying in foreign universities, most of the parents and students get worried about the course fee and accommodation charges. In Belarus, a student can have an affordable stay within 10,000 rupees per month. The students aren’t required to pay any capitation fees in the universities. On the merit basis, every student is allowed to apply for the scholarship.

Every year, there are more than 5000 students from India who want to get admission in the top medical universities of Belarus. The teacher-student ratio is 1:18 which is quite good for the students who want to have an interaction with the best teachers. You can compare the universities of other European countries with Belarus and you will find that it is quite affordable for Indian students. There are several parents in India who have to spend a lot of amount in donations to make their children get admission to private medical colleges. Instead of spending huge amount of money in donations, the parents can send their children to one of the best foreign universities in Belarus. The quality education of these universities is approved by WHO and MCI both. The year for the MBBS universities in Belarus starts from September and the students have to fill up their admission forms two months before the admission starts. From July, the students can start looking for the best universities and fill their application forms as soon as possible.

MBBS in Abroad

Top Universities of Belarus

The students who want to pursue MBBS from reputed university of Belarus can look forward to choosing one of the following universities with best facilities and scholarship programs:

Gomel State Medical University

This university was started in the year 1990 and has modern advanced medical technology. The students can get to study with the best equipment and experienced teachers. The total fee for the MBBS course at this University is around Rs.1764000 only. The accommodation facilities provided by this University are commendable and the fees for it will be quite affordable. 31st August is the deadline to get admission in this University.

Vitebsk State Medical University

This university was established in the year 1934 and famous for its quality world-class education. In Belarus, it is one of the most distinguished universities and has more than 7000 students studying there from different parts of the globe. It is located in Vitebsk and the first year MBBS fee is only Rs.4,41,000. From the 2nd to 6th year, the students will have to pay 4300 USD per annum. The accommodation facilities are quite cheap for the students.  

Grodno State Medical University

The students who want to get their MBBS degree in Medico diagnostics, Paediatrics and medico psychology can look forward to taking admission here. It is acknowledged by WHO and MCI and that’s why it has several students from foreign countries. The total cost to study in this University will be around Rs.1890000 only. The students can take admission there before 31st August 2020.

The students from India who will pursue MBBS from universities in Belarus will not have to face financial issues because the medical course and accommodation services are quite affordable. The students who can’t afford to spend a lot of money can also apply for scholarships. The best medical universities will definitely allow you to appear for a scholarship examination and this will help you to clear this exam with good marks.

Why do MBBS from BELARUS

  1. The students in Belarus medical universities will be taught in the English language only and it proves quite beneficial for the medical students who don’t want the language to be a barrier in their studies. The students won’t need to learn the Russian language and they can study easily in Belarus if they can understand the English language.

  2. You don’t need to qualify any exam like TOEFL or IELTS to get admission to the topmost universities in Belarus.

  3. The amenities and accommodation facilities for Indian students are quite amazing in Belarus. The infrastructure of the medical universities is commendable and every university has a library where the students can study without any difficulty.

  4. The degree which is offered by the medical universities of Belarus is recognized by MCI and WHO. So, students can be sure that they will be able to get a degree from reputed universities.

  5. The easy admission procedure to Indian students makes it easier for the parents to get rid of any stress which one has to go through while looking for foreign universities.

  6. Education in medical universities in Belarus isn’t expensive like other countries in Europe. Most of the international students prefer to get admission in the medical universities of Belarus.

  7. During the internship time, there are several hospitals in which students can do medical practice under the supervision of the best doctors and physicians. They get to learn a lot because the hospitals will be top-class.

  8. The modern tools and techniques used in the medical universities in Belarus is a major factor due to which one should study in Belarus. The students won’t have to face any issues regarding the quality of their studies.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in BELARUS for Indian students

The students who want to get admission in the best medical university of Belarus should submit the necessary documents on time. Here are a few documents which will be required to complete your MBBS.

Beware of Fraud Study Abroad Consultants

Whenever you want to find the best educational institution for your children, it is crucial that you stay away from fraud study consultants. These days, the number of fraud cases is increasing day by day because the students are looking forward to getting admission in foreign countries at a higher ratio than before. Whenever you are looking forward to getting admission in the best medical university in Belarus, always check the details of the university at its official website. It can be easy to fill up the form without taking the help of anyone. You just need to follow the guidelines given on the official website of a particular university. If you find it difficult to understand the whole procedure, then you should look for the reputed professional consultants online. When a consultant is just providing you with knowledge and doesn’t want to sell anything, then you can trust those consultancy services.

Courses, Syllabus of MBBS in BELARUS and Course Duration of MBBS in BELARUS

The course duration in the medical universities in Belarus will be of six years in which one year will be for internship and practice only. The students can choose any of their favorite medical courses like general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, anatomy, microbiology, physiology, dermatology, community medicine, obstetrics, surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology, anaesthesiology, forensic medicine and many more. There are wide options available in the topmost universities located in Belarus. The syllabus of the courses will be specified by the University but all the top universities are approved by FAIMER, WHO, and MCI. So, you can be sure that the education pattern is world-class.

Education Pattern and Language Issue for MBBS in BELARUS

The students who will take admission in the medical universities of Belarus won’t face any difficulty regarding education pattern and language. The education pattern of these universities is accepted by WHO and MCI. The students who get their degree from the topmost universities of Belarus are able to have a successful future ahead. The general medicine course at Belarus universities is taught in the English medium. The official language of Belarus is also English and that’s why Indian students won’t have any problem when it comes to language. The universities also make sure that the students who aren’t fluent in English will learn it with the preparatory faculty.

Documents required for MBBS in BELARUS

Here are the important documents required to get admission in the MBBS University of Belarus.

The students have to show all the necessary documents in the university’s office during the admission procedure.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in BELARUS

The admission procedure in the medical universities of Belarus is quite simple and understandable. The parents and students won’t have to worry much about the admission procedure because it isn’t complicated like other foreign universities. Here are the simple steps of the admission process to do MBBS in Belarus:

  1. The international students will be provided a merit system at the universities of Belarus.

  2. It will take two days to get the eligibility assessment done with the help of a secondary school certificate and travel passport.

  3. The application has to transfer the course fee after one gets an offer letter from the university.

  4. The documents and applications are forwarded to get approval from the migration department and this procedure can take around ten to fifteen days.

  5. After receiving an offer letter, the aspirant can apply for VISA and after receiving a VISA, you can book your flight to Belarus.

  6. Make sure that you take all the original documents along with you and every document should be legal. There should be no mistakes while filling up the application form.

In case, you have any doubts or queries, then you can also consul to the university support center.

Accommodation during MBBS in BELARUS

Almost every topmost medical university in Belarus has accommodation facilities. The students can get all the necessary services including good food, hygienic rooms, geyser, heater, and other amenities. The environment at the hostels of Universities is quite pleasant and peaceful. There are several Indian students who are already pursuing their MBBS in Belarus and you can also get admission there to fulfill your dreams.

Intake for India Students for MBBS in BELARUS

When it comes to taking admission in the medical Universities of Belarus, the students of India won’t have to face any difficulty. Every year, thousands of students get admission to the best universities of Belarus and they pursue their course without any difficulty. The reason behind the high number of Indian students in Belarus universities is that the language medium is English. The students don’t have to face any discrimination issues in the universities because of the peaceful and well-managed ambiance.

Visa for BELARUS

The students who get the offer letter from the particular medical university they have applied for are able to apply for the Visa. Without getting an invitation letter from the University, it can’t be possible for the aspirants to get admission there. For Visa Approval, the students have to attach the invitation letter from the university and it will ease the process. It can take around 10 to 30 days in the Visa approval. There aren’t any issues faced by the aspirants to get Visa for Belarus because there are many Indian students who are already studying there.

The validity of MBBS degree in India

When the parents are looking for a reputed medical university for their children, they always want it to be providing world-class education and have eligibility in their country. The universities in Belarus are approved by WHO and MCI (Medical Corporation of India). So, the aspirants don’t have to worry about the validation of the degree because it is totally valid in almost every country in the world. To practice medicine in India, the students have to clear the MCI screening test and then they can easily do what they want.

Education Loan and Financial Advice for Parents

There are several medical universities in Belarus which provide scholarships to Indian students. When it comes to the affordability of medical courses, Belarus has quite affordable education. With the help of the scholarship program, the students can be able to save money on tuition fees and accommodation expenses. You can apply for a scholarship in both government and private-owned universities located in Belarus. The parents can also take an education loan for their children if they want them to study abroad. After getting in touch with the university, it can be possible to apply for an education loan. The MBBS aspirants coming from foreign countries are able to get an education loan in Belarus without any difficulty.

Disadvantages of doing MBBS in BELARUS

Although, there are many advantages of studying in Belarus for MBBS degree and the students can practice medicine in any country of the world after getting a degree from reputed universities of Belarus. The accommodation facilities, scholarships and other benefits provided by the Universities make it easy for the students to live there. Here are a few disadvantages of this place which every aspirant should know about:

Roadmap to study MD/MS after MBBS in BELARUS

The students who will complete their graduation from MBBS universities of Belarus can practice medicine and also join PG. The certificate of qualification provided by MBBS universities in Belarus is valid all across the world. So, the students are allowed to pursue further education anywhere they want. In case, the students want to complete their PG from Belarus after doing their MBBS, then they can do this in a convenient and affordable way. As you know that qualified graduates of MBBS are quite high in demand and that’s why they can get a good amount while completing their MS or MS in Belarus universities.

The career scope after completing MBBS in Belarus is quite bright. The students can choose hospital management or they can also set up their own clinic. If you want to have a shining career in the medical field, then you can opt for MD/MS in your field. If you want to be an expert like gynecologist or pediatrics, then you can complete a PG degree in that particular field.

How Right consultant can help in shaping your Career

The students who want to have a bright future ahead should take the help of the best education consultants as they can help to find the reputed educational institutions to complete the medical degree. They have knowledge of the various institutions, rules, accommodation facilities, degree validation, and lot more things. The parents might not be able to gather so much information and details about the universities easily but consultants know all about it. If you want to continue doing MD after MBBS, then also consultants can help you to shape your career in the best possible manner.

Our Process and Services

Why do you need the help of our counseling experts? Is it really important to take suggestions from educational consultants? If you want to find the perfect college according to your needs and expectations, then it can’t be possible until you have proper knowledge about several options. The education consultants are well-experienced and knowledgeable and that’s why they can provide you proper knowledge about the education system in foreign countries.

Counseling by our Experts

The parents who are worried about finding the right medical university in Belarus for their students can look forward to getting counseling from the experts. The experts can help you to find the best university as per the appropriate course and fee. The scholarship schemes provided by the different universities can be availed with the help of consultants.

Selection of right Course, Country, and College

It can be difficult for the parents to choose the best course, country and college for their students. We will listen to your needs and preferences before suggesting you best colleges and country. For the Indian students who want to get admission in an affordable University should always choose Belarus. There are several medical courses options available for you among which you can choose the best one with the help of our experienced education consultants. It is important for every student to choose the right course so that interest in studies increases day by day. The University for the Students will be chosen by the experts by keeping fee, scholarship, and accommodation facilities in mind along with the WHO approval.

Test Preparation Guidance

There are certain universities where students have to appear for the entrance test before getting admission. It can be easy to clear the test if you have scored good marks in 12th and NEET. If you need detailed guidance for the test, then our education experts are there to help you through it.  

Test Preparation Platform

Before you submit an application to the particular University, it is crucial to check and edit it properly. We can help you to submit applications free of errors. The application processing will be faster when it will be done in an appropriate manner.

If you want to save money on fee courses and accommodation, then you can take scholarship. The students will need to appear for the scholarship test after filling up the scholarship form. Our consultants will help you to guide through the scholarship procedure.

It can be difficult for the students to clear the interview if they don’t have any idea about it. Our education consultants will help you to prepare for the interview. There are several students fighting to get seats in the best universities and you can secure your seat by preparing well for the interview.

If the aspirants need any assistance while applying for Visa, then we are always there to help you. In case, you have some doubts or queries, then our experts will resolve it as soon as possible. The loan processing won’t take much time when you will follow the right steps told by the experts.

The students who want to get travel & medical insurance before going to the foreign country for education can take help of our consultants. It can be possible to get the insurance done without wasting much of your time.

Before going to another country, you will require briefing about pre-departure and we will help you to get ready for the new country. There won’t be any difficulty in residing a foreign country when you get all the basic information and details about it.

Why reserve seats for MBBS in BELARUS before April

The students who want to take admission in one of the reputed universities should reserve their seats before April. It will allow the students to get assurance for their seats easily. You don’t even have to pay any amount while you are booking the seat but it will increase your chances of getting admission in the MBBS course of the best universities in Belarus.


Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and it is a non-coastal country. It is famous for the primitive forests and huge fortifications. This place has got a preference from the medical aspirants from different countries. To complete MBBS education, Belarus can be a good option for Indian students. It is a safe place for Indian and foreign students but there can be theft cases in transports and sleeper trains sometimes. Violent crimes in this country are very rare and students can roam freely in Belarus without any difficulty. Most of the universities will allow the students to get accommodation in University dom. The fee costs can vary as per the university preferences. The hostels of the topmost universities are equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities.

The climate of this place is quite pleasant to expect winter. The students will take some days to get adjusted with the winter weather otherwise one can enjoy bright sunny days. The time difference is only of 2 hours and 30 minutes and India is ahead of time from Belarus. The students can get to eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in Belarus. Indian students can also have their favorite food at Indian restaurants from time to time. The food provided in the hostel mess and University canteens is really hygienic.

Student testimony

The students who want to pursue their MBBS degree from Belarus need to make sure that they get the offer letter from the university before applying for Visa. Without getting approval from India and Belarus, it can’t be possible to get admission in the University. The student should also have a medical certificate and character certificate attached to the application form. The Visa approval won’t take time if the student will deposit all the necessary documents on time along with the offer letter from the University. The students who want to get a scholarship should look forward to taking the help of the educational consultants. It will allow you to get the best services.

Important Tips before packing your bags for your dream destination- BELARUS!

If you have been able to get admission to the best University in Belarus for the MBBS course, then you should start your packing. When you are going to a foreign country, it can be quite difficult for you to pack up the bags. You need to do all the preparations beforehand to avoid any issues in a foreign country. The parents are always worried about the children when they are going to a foreign university for studies. You can remember the given tips while packing your bags for Belarus:

Make sure that you don’t carry to much weight when you are traveling abroad. Always check the weight limit to avoid any problems at the check-in. whenever you are going to a foreign country, make sure that you take advice from experienced professional education consultants because we can help you to ease the foreign admission process.

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