LL.M in Italy

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University of Padua

Padua , Italy

LL.M ( Human Rights and Multi-Level
Governance )

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
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University of Bologna

Bologna , Italy

LL.M ( Legal Studies )

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
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University of Milan

Milan , Italy

LL.M ( Law and Sustainable
Development )

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
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University of Turin

Turin , Italy

LL.M ( Area and Global Studies For
International Cooperation )

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
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LL.M ( European Economy and Business
Law )

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
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LL.M ( International Relations )

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
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LL.M ( International and European Law )

Course Level: Master's
Course Duration: 2 Years
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LLM in Italy Intake/Admission

September 2023

Months of Admission

January to June 2023

Course Duration

2 Years

Top Specializations

Intellectual Property,  Transnational Crime and Justice,  European Legal Informatics,  European Union, Food Law, Fashion Law

Average Tuition Fees

Zero (100% Need-based Scholarship Available) in Public Universities. In Prive Universties the Avearge Fees is Rs. 8,00,000 Per Year

Average Accommodation Fees

Rs. 45,000 Per Month

LLM Cost in Italy

Zero (100% Tuition Fee Waiver and 5800 Euros Scholarship for Living and Food expense)

Total no. of LLM colleges in Italy


Exams required for LLM in Italy

IELTS 6 Band

The Medium of Instruction


Eligibility for LLM in Italy

Above 55% in LL.B Degree. The Degree must be in English Language



Scholarship for LLM in Italy

Need Based 5800 Euro Need based Scholarship, edisu piemonte scholarships,  Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students,

Post Study Work Permit

12 Months  Non-EU students will require a “permesso di Lavoro”.

Local Language


Per Capita Income of Italy

$ 31835

Population of Italy

5.91 crores (2021)

Capital City



301,318 km²

Lots of things are happening in our day-to-day life like you can't agree with some people in some matters, like revenge like ownership of land, like accidents and so on. To solve all the above matters, some senior and most respected persons in society interfere in these kinds of matters and try to solve such a incidence before it goes to the court. But when the situations are goes out of control and can't be able to handle by the police or those respected persons then the particular matter will be proceeding to the session court. After completing of your 11th and 12th or after 10th you can be able to opt to complete your graduation in law. The basic degree of law study is nothing but LLB. There are lots of universities are present in all over the world respected to their countries who are going to provide you an opportunity to complete your graduation in LLB. After completing of your LLB that is the graduation in long you can be able to complete your LLM from any country. In this article we are going discuss about completing your LLM in Italy.

Basically, the LLM its stands for Legum Magister. Legum Magister world games from the Latin dictionary which indicates that the mustered degree in law education. A master of law or the post-graduation degree program in law which can be recognised in all over the world. This particular course is offered by lots of universities in all over the Nations in the world. To solve the matters at the international level you must have to pass out your post-graduation degree program in a law that is LLM in any country. After completing of your LLB from your home country with good academy digits then, you can be able to fly to the Italy to complete your further post-graduation that is ll m from the Italy. Lots of a log university which are recognised by the strongest countries in the world are present in the Italy. If you are interested in completing your LLM from Italy then you have to start finding out the exact admission process and which is the best university in law to complete your LLM.

Universities in Italy

To complete your LLM degree from the Italy the students must have to do hard and smart work to study the following subjects. when someone use knowledge of law makes the best lawyer in the world. The courses you choose to complete your law education in Italy are depends on your ability. To complete your LLM there are some subjects are present as process of learning

  1. Constitutionalism

  2. Law and social transformation

  3. Legal research and methodology

  4. Alternative dispute resolution

  5. International trade law

  6. Corporate law

  7. Intellectual property rights

         And so, on subjects are included while pursuing your LLM from Italy. The study of the syllabus for LLM is where is from the country to country. But in Italy all the above mention subjects are included.

Specialisation sector through which you can be able to make your career by completing LLM from Italy:

1. Human rights:

This particular sector will be related to the all kind of things which are related life of human and it may include the racism, sex, the nationality, languages or any other status of the human are included in a human right. The person who is suffering from abuse, torture or slavery then he must have to contact to the human rights specialist lawyer.

2. The corporate and commercial law:

Lots of a people having their own business but when the business gets expand the turnover of money get also expanded. The corporate and commercial log gives structure through which a business lead. The all kind of a security, contracts, money or business deals to administration control.

3. Environmental law:

As the all the countries are growing very fast in a industrial field and lots of pollutants released through their waste. The environmental law specialist lawyer deals with the body of state and local government laws and issues which are involving air quality, water quality, hazardous Waste, controlling the pollution and the land development on the natural resources. All the issues which are related to the environment are involved in the study of environmental law.

4. Information technology:

As the entire world is taking a boom into the IT field. The information technology law is the legal framework to collecting storing and using the electronics data. While making a deal with the client and legal lawyer which have the knowledge of information technology is law for the corporate IT companies.

5. Property law:

The ownership of a land ownership of your or the ownership of country for a particular field these kinds of matters are involved in the court with the help of property law expert. As the LLM is deals with the national or international level issues so, the property law is not playing a strong roll for the LLM specialist lawyer. But a student wants to complete his LLM in property law specialisation then he can be able to complete this from the Italy because there are lots of law universities who are at the best to give you an education.

LL.B in Italy

Here are some top law or LLM universities which are present in Italy:

  1. Turin school of development- WIPO worldwide academy, Turin, Italy

  2. UNICRI - United Nations inter regional crime and justice research institute, Turin Italy.

  3. University of Milan, Milan, Italy

  4. Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

  5. Universita degli Studi di Bologna. University of bologna, Bologna, Italy

  6. Libera Universita Internationale degli studi Sociali - LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, Italy

  7. European University institute Florence, San Domanico di Fiesole, Italy

  8. Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza - Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy

       These institutes must have to be include in the top most law University in Italy. These are the top universities through which you can complete your LLM from the Italy.

Study in Italy

Students life as Lawyer student in Italy:

  1. Italy is one of the best and growing country in all over the world when you are thinking to get education then it may be medical engineering technical or in any field from the Italy, it will be a great opportunity to complete your LLM.

  2. To ignore the lot of the pressure on students mind the different institutes and Universities which are present in an Italy are also organised various events then maybe it's a national or international level events. When the students are willing to get participate in a such a kind of events then it will be his beneficial because it may release some pressure from the students mind and he can perform in a fearless week while fighting for the rights of human.

  3. The cultural events, the sports events are organised by the institutes campuses to entertain the students. As completing your LLM is a very challenging part for almost every student. The lots of students are get tensed by studying hard. To void such kind of tension, Law colleges and Universities are organising such a kind of events for each year. This is the most important move taken by the college premises because completing LLM that is Legum Magister from anywhere is not anyone's cup of tea, you have to struggle a lot.

  4. Each and every University provide you a hostel facilities and accommodations. The strict rules and regulations of the hostel’s premises make the hostels more particular about following the rules. Students learn to behave properly. Almost in each hostel the food quality is at average. When you are an Indian student and want to pursue your LLM from the Italy then, you can be able to be in culture in the food. Each room you have to share with with two partners. With the separate cupboard, bed and table, the room designed. In some hostels, there is a general fridge present where you can put your bottles.

  5. Each and every best university and institutes in a field of Law from the Italy or having their own huge campus. And Central library is included in the campus, approximately each and every kind of reference book text book are present which are related to the law field and the library staff is also available for you for 24/7. A very supportive well experienced teaching staff is always present for you in any situation from each Canadian medical University.

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