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About University

About Alexandria University

Alexandria University is an open university founded in 1938 as Farouk University, a satellite of Fouad University (later named Cairo University). The university is situated in Alexandria, Egypt. It became an independent institution in 1942. After the Egyptian Revolution in 1952, the name of this university was changed to Alexandria University. At present, it is the second-largest university in Egypt. Also, it has several affiliations to various universities for advancing researches. the third university established after Cairo University and the American University in Cairo. Alexandria University has 21 faculties and 3 institutes that teach different types of social, medical, engineering, mathematics, and other science.


Spotlight at Alexandria University

In the twenty-first century, higher education confronts many challenges to fulfill community needs. According to the vision of Alexandria University, the university should be able to accept this challenge and take this authority to advance the areas of education, technology, research, and scientific discoveries, by extending an ambiance of innovation, activity, and intellectual. The University remains devoted to education and research, not just in the domain of academics,  but also in the domain of culture, nationalism, and institution.

As an educational institution, the central goal of the Alexandria University is the intellectual and personal development of an individual. The programs of Alexandria University are specially curated to achieve the evolution of perception, enhance knowledge, advance thought-process,  strengthen understanding, and provide suitable jobs for students. All this helps to create a sense of responsibility and productiveness in citizens.


Course Programs offered by the Alexandria university

The Alexandria University offers over 150 courses, including B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. degree programs, and numerous diploma courses. The Alexandria University offers its course programs for the following fields:

  1. Arts & humanities

  2. Architecture

  3. Archaeology

  4. History, Philosophy & Theology

  5. Languages, Literature & Linguistics

  6. Art, Performing Arts & Design

  7. Life sciences

  8. Sport Science

  9. Agriculture & Forestry

  10. Veterinary Science

  11. Biological Sciences

  12. Clinical, pre-clinical & health

  13. Medicine & Dentistry

  14. Other Health

  15. Engineering & technology

  16. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  17. Civil Engineering

  18. Chemical Engineering

  19. General Engineering

  20. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  21. Social sciences

  22. Communication & Media Studies

  23. Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)

  24. Sociology

  25. Geography

  26. Business & economics

  27. Economics & Econometrics

  28. Business & Management

  29. Accounting & Finance

  30. Physical science

  31. Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences

  32. Mathematics & Statistics

  33. Physics & Astronomy

  34. Chemistry

  35. Computer Science

  36. Psychology

  37. Education

  38. Law


University and Accommodation of Alexandria University

The administration of the Alexandria University is managed by the University Council. The UC is headed by the University President with the membership of four Vice-Presidents, Deans of all the Faculties and Institutes of the University, and four members having expertise in university education.

Coming to the University's accommodation, the prime objective of its accommodation system is to offer an atmosphere favorable for personal growth as well as academic achievement. The Alexandria University provides steadily subsidized accommodation facilities to around 5,460 students. The facilities available here involve a kitchen, dining rooms, laundries, cafes, playgrounds gymnasiums, TV,  theater, music rooms, and reading areas. There are several buildings in the university dormitory which are comfortably situated near the University Campus.


Student life at Alexandria university

The Alexandria University will be a decent choice for any student. It offers many facilities to all the international students. The campus is a center to learn the Arabic language. Also, students will find the library in every department and every faculty. Here, the students organize a range of social, intellectual, and sports programs to have a dynamic and lively atmosphere for a well-integrated society. To organize cultural, social, sports, and recreational activities, a Students Union Council is elected. The Egyptian food very delicious, and especially in Alexandria, you will discover all kinds of fish meals at a reasonable cost.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 12089(₹ 882500)
Total Course Fees: $ 37793(₹ 2759000)

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