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About University

About Tanta University

Tanta University is a not-for-profit public university in Egypt. The university is located in the city of Tanta, Al Gharbiyah governorate. This higher education institution is under the direct scientific supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. In 1962, the Tanta University was first founded as a branch of the University of Alexandria. At that time, it only had a faculty of medicine. Then in 1972, it became an autonomous university with the name University of the Middle Delta, embracing a faculty of medicine, faculty of science, faculty of education, and faculty of agriculture. Ultimately, in 1973, it became the Tanta University. The Tanta University offers academic programs under various disciplines in a productive and engaging environment that boosts innovation.


Spotlight at Tanta University

The Tanta University is determined on establishing an operative academic environment through continual development of academic programs in various specializations, taking into account the requirements of the development plans and meeting students' needs of knowledge and skills. It has built a framework of social values and traditions, along with offering learning opportunities and professional development for graduates in manifold sectors. Furthermore, the university is dedicated to providing fundamentals of creativity in different sectors of methodical scientific research to impart scientific knowledge and sustainable development besides solving community problems.


Course Programs offered by the Tanta university

The Tanta University offers various course programs leading to approved higher education degrees such as bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and Ph.D. degrees in various academic disciplines. The major disciplines in which course programs are offered by the University are:

(Faculty and their programs available)

  1. Faculty Of Agriculture - 49 programs

  2. Faculty of Engineering - 99 programs

  3. Faculty Of Education - 365 programs

  4. Faculty Of Arts - 98 programs

  5. Faculty Of Specific Education - 103 programs

  6. Faculty Of commerce - 96 programs

  7. Faculty Of Law - 20 programs

  8. Faculty Of Science - 68 programs

  9. Faculty Of Medicine - 104 programs

  10. Faculty Of Dentistry - 64 programs

  11. Faculty Of Nursing - 61 programs

  12. Technical Institute of Nursing - 9 programs

  13. Faculty of Pharmacy - 65 programs

  14. Faculty Of Sporting Education - 22 programs

  15. Faculty of Computers and Information - 4 programs


University and Accommodation of Tanta University

The main building of the Tanta university is situated on a modern campus in Tanta city. In Egypt, the Tanta University is considered to be an esteemed place to study. The University cities constitute a major pillar of student care that is determined to support, develop and boost them. University cities have undergone great development to accommodate the rising number of students year by year. The student housing and nutrition efforts began with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine when housing was initiated in the College of Medicine building itself. Later, accommodation was arranged at Mathaf Street, the Segar area, Al-Hekma Street, Sperbay, and Sebbay. The accommodations at Segar city, Al-Hekma Street, and Dar Al-Hoda are reserved for female students only. The University cities provide cooked meals for students all the residing students.


Student Life at Tanta University

The Tanta University provides various academic and non-academic facilities to its students counting upon accommodation, library, sports facilities, financial aids or scholarships, student exchange programs, online courses, and distance learning opportunities. All students have accessibility to the IT Club, the Science Club, and the Center of Fine Arts. The Sports Department offers students opportunities to participate in several individual and team-based sports with a group of expert coaches. Along with these facilities, students receive medical care through the University's Students’ Health Care Medical Administration that includes 22 clinics of different specialties. Also, the students enjoy student exchange programs in varied specializations besides the summer training programs.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 7705(₹ 562500)
Total Course Fees: $ 32363(₹ 2362500)

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