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About University

About Cairo University

The Cairo University is among the topmost open universities, founded in December 1908. It lies in Giza, Egypt, and stands overlooking the Nile river. It was established and funded as the Egyptian University by a private citizens' committee with royal patronage in 1908 and 1925, it became a state institution under King Fuad I. So, initially from 1908 to 1940 it was known as the Egyptian University. Then, from 1940 to 1952 it was known as King Fuad I University. The Al Azhar University is the second-oldest institution of higher education in Egypt. The Cairo University is an extensive higher education institute with over 24 faculties and institutions in various fields. The University is successfully engaged in delivering quality education over the years.


Spotlight at Cairo University

The Cairo University exhibits excellence in providing its services for higher education to fulfill the needs of the national, international, and regional communities. It has a significant and constant contribution to achieving social and economic growth in Egypt. The Cairo University is committed to international standards of superiority in the areas of education, research and community service, integration of personnel with technology and business systems, and the development of the university's human resources. The university prepares its students for the obstacles of a fast-paced dynamic workplace. With interactive learning and information technologies, CU graduates enter the work fields with all the skills required to work competently in the present era.


Course Programs offered by the Cairo university

The Cairo University offers more than 300 courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are over 24 faculties in this university. The major faculties offering courses in different domains are listed below:

Faculty of Archaeology:

Egyptology, Islamic Archaeology, Conservation of Organic Materials, Conservation of Inorganic Materials, and 2 others

  • Faculty of Arts:

Arabic, English, French, German, Greek and Latin, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Psychology, Philosophy, Geography, and others.

  • Faculty of Computers and Information

Decision-support (DS), Information technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), Computer science (CS)

  • Faculty of Physical Therapy (PT):

Basic science, Biomechanics, P.T. in six specializations

  • Faculty of Economics and Political science:

Economics, Statistics, Political science

  • Faculty of Engineering: 14 domains

  • Faculty of commerce

  • Business administration, Accounting, Insurance

  • Faculty of law LLB

  • Faculty of Oral Medicine and Dentistry

Oral medicine


  1. Faculty of Specific Education

  2. Art and Music Education

  3. Educational and Psychological Science

  4. Faculty of Agriculture: 18 domains

  5. Faculty of Mass Communications: 5 domains

  6. Faculty of Nursing: 10 domains

  7. Faculty of Medicine: 33 domains

  8. Faculty of Science: 7 domains

  9. Faculty of Pharmacy: 9 domains

  10. Faculty of Graduate Studies for Statistical Research: 6 domains

  11. Faculty of Urban Planning: 4 domains

  12. Faculty of Veterinary Science: 20 domains


University and Accommodation of Cairo University

The Cairo University is located in the nucleus of Great Cairo, with all services and entertainment sites lying near about. The Cairo University has the best professors and scientists in various educational and scientific fields. It includes over 24 faculties and institutions along with specialized research centers embracing laboratories equipped with modern scientific equipment. There are University Student Hostels for accommodation that occupies 46 acres of university land. Currently, there is a monthly fee of five pounds per month for accommodation and food in the university hostel (as decided by the Supreme Council of Universities).


Student life at Cairo university

The Cairo University collaborates with several organizations to empower the students to explore the city. The University focuses on developing students' characters and enlightening them with social values and the role of culture in the process of self-development. Other than academics, the university stimulates talent in students in cultural, social, artistic, athletic activities also. Athletic activities include Futsal, Squash, Basketball, Tennis, etc. Moreover, the students live in a safe environment as security is among the most important things at Cairo University.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 11000(₹ 803000)
Total Course Fees: $ 35000(₹ 2555000)

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