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About University

About Kafrelsheikh University

The Kafrelsheikh University is an open university in Egypt, founded in 2006. The university is located in the Kafr el-sheikh governorate, in the middle of the Nile delta. In April 2006, this university was formed by Presidential Decree No 129. Historically, the foundation of the faculties began with the formation of the Higher Agricultural Institute, affiliated with the Ministery of Higher Education in the Kafrelsheikh governorate in 1957. The institute was transferred to the Faculty of Agriculture, affiliated with Alexandria University in 1969. Later, in 1973, the faculty was taken over by the Tanta University after its establishment. The Kafrelsheikh branch was transferred to an independent university when a Republican decree for the same was issued. Despite the shortage of the university, it was capable to take a major step towards universality and creating a unique identity. Today, there are 19 faculties and 3 research institutes in the university.


Spotlight at Kafrelsheikh University

The Kafrelsheikh University won the title of the best Egyptian university in the 2018 President El Sisi Competition. The University has clearly escalated the development of research activities, postgraduate study programs, and enriching the quality of academic and research programs to be one of the most distinguished Egyptian universities exhibiting excellence in education, scientific research, and community service. The university achieved excellence in scientific research by paying attention to the future sciences such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to keep pace with the globally advancing scientific changes. Also, the university looks out to the aesthetic values within the university and the initiation of many facilities aiding the educational process. The academic programs curated by the university create dynamic environments that engage students in comprehensive learning.


Course Programs offered by the Kafrelsheikh university

The Kafrelsheikh University offers various undergraduate degree programs (like B.Sc., B.A., BBA, etc.) and postgraduate degree programs (i.e. diploma, masters programs & doctorate programs). The courses are available for the following major domains:

  1. Engineering & technology

  2. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  3. Civil Engineering

  4. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  5. Chemical Engineering

  6. General Engineering

  7. Psychology

  8. Clinical, pre-clinical & health

  9. Medicine & Dentistry

  10. Other Health

  11. Architecture

  12. Languages, Literature & Linguistics

  13. Archaeology

  14. Art, Performing Arts & Design

  15. History, Philosophy & Theology

  16. Life sciences

  17. Agriculture & Forestry

  18. Sport Science

  19. Biological Sciences

  20. Veterinary Science

  21. Business & Management

  22. Economics & Econometrics

  23. Accounting & Finance

  24. Social sciences

  25. Politics & International Studies (including Development Studies)

  26. Geography

  27. Communication & Media Studies

  28. Sociology

  29. Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences

  30. Mathematics & Statistics

  31. Chemistry

  32. Physics & Astronomy

  33. Information Technology

  34. Computer science

  35. Education


University and Accommodation of Kafrelsheikh University

The Kafrelsheikh University is an esteemed home to the academic staff and students from all across the globe. The university has a modern campus with abundant greenery, located in the town of Kafr-El-Sheikh in northern Egypt. The university campus embraces purpose-built modern buildings which include all the student facilities, faculties, administrative offices, and student accommodation. Student accommodation is among the imperative university facilities providing notable services for the finest students in all faculties. Moreover, all the university buildings are connected with the Egyptian network of the universities. Libraries are there in each faculty that are well-stocked with textbooks, periodicals, & journals covering several disciplines and digital catalog services.


Student life at Kafrelsheikh university

The dynamic environment at the university engages students in learning. All the classrooms, laboratories, teaching hospitals, workstations, and lecture halls are fully equipped with scientific equipment and data show. Various dining options are also there. All the buildings on the campus are surrounded by green stretches and wide roads. This is the second most environmentally friendly university in the Arab World. Students will have a comfortable learning experience there.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 7705(₹ 562500)
Total Course Fees: $ 32363(₹ 2362500)

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