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About University

About Helwan University

The Helwan University is one of the leading open universities in Egypt, established in July 1975. It is situated in an urban backdrop of Helwan, a part of Greater Cairo. It is a not-for-profit institution that has over 20 faculties and 50 research centers and productive units. While the Helwan University is the youngest of 3 leading government universities in Cairo, it embraces some of the oldest faculties across Egypt and the Middle East. The University's Faculty of Applied Arts was founded in 1839 and the Faculty of Fine Arts was founded in 1908.  The university welcomes both local and international students. Also, Helwan University is a member of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.


Spotlight at Helwan University

The Helwan University offers courses and programs for officially approved higher education degrees. HU boasts all the aspects of distinction and diversity. The University maintains a distinct position within the Egyptian higher education sector as it is an institution based on technology and applications that also has faculties of arts, fine arts, applied arts, art and music, physical education, home economics, tourism & hotels, and more. The location of Helwan near to the industry proved favorable for the research activities of the university. It is one of the largest universities in Egypt that enrolls more than 45,000 students. The academic staff of the university involves more than five thousand experts. Both the students and the academic staff can participate in the university’s exchange programs.


Course Programs offered by the Helwan university

The Helwan University offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programs for students in the following major domains:

  1. Nursing

  2. Medicine & Dentistry

  3. Pharmacy

  4. Other health

  5. History, Philosophy & Theology

  6. Languages, Literature & Linguistics

  7. Architecture

  8. Art, Performing Arts & Design

  9. Archaeology

  10. Social sciences

  11. Sociology

  12. Geography

  13. Politics & International Studies ( inclusive of Development Studies)

  14. Communication & Media Studies

  15. Life sciences

  16. Biological Sciences

  17. Applied Science & Professions

  18. Sport Science

  19. Computer science

  20. Physical sciences

  21. Chemistry

  22. Mathematics & Statistics

  23. Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences

  24. Physics & Astronomy

  25. Law and Jurisprudence

  26. Chemical Engineering

  27. Civil Engineering

  28. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  29. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  30. General Engineering

  31. Administration

  32. Marketing

  33. Accounting & Finance

  34. Business & Management

  35. Economics & Econometrics

  36. Psychology

  37. Education

  38. Information Technology

  39. Computer Science

  40. Restaurant Management

  41. Tourism


University and Accommodation of Helwan University

The Helwan University is regarded as a unique model among Egyptian universities, being within the heart of an industrial community. The main campus of HU lies in Ain Helwan, on the eastern bank of the Nile. It is about 25 km south of Cairo, amid El Mokattam hills and the Nile valley. Currently, the Helwan location is under extensive development intending to accommodate all the faculties there. Concerning student accommodation, the university provides catering and accommodation facilities to the enrolled foreign students who want housing on the university campus. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls. All the basic amenities are available in the dormitories, including a bed, cupboard, table, chair, air conditioners.


Student life at Helwan university

The student life at HU is a memorable one. The campus consists of multitudinous facilities including the central library, restaurants, shopping centers, bookshops, sports hall, art exhibition hall, and others. Also, Helwan University provides several academic and non-academic services to students including housing, sports facilities, financial aids and scholarships, study abroad exchange programs, and administrative services. The university hostels host cultural programs and sports activities for students to which boost their interest. Furthermore, the mess is very flexible and provides a variety of meals and snacks for hostel students. HU in Cairo among the safest place to study. Also, the students studying don't face any complications concerning academics and hostels.

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Course Language: English
Required Degree Class 12th
First Year Total Fees: $ 7705(₹ 562500)
Total Course Fees: $ 32363(₹ 2362500)

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