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BA in Italy

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University of Bologna

Bologna , Italy

BA ( Economics, Politics and Social
Sciences )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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BA ( Classics )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 0(₹ 0)
Application Fees: $ 466 (₹ 35000)
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BA ( Philosophy, International and
Economic Studies )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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BA ( Global Governance )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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University of Messina

Messina , Italy

BA ( Political Sciences and
International Relations )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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University of Macerata

Macerata , Italy

BA ( International, European and
Comparative Legal Studies Law )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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Making the move to Italy for a Bachelor's Degree can be a life-changing experience! It is a bold decision to study abroad and walk into a new and unfamiliar culture in a distant land. This decision can be intimidating—but also thrilling, as it brings the promise of an exciting journey ahead. There are many benefits to pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Italy. Studying in the birthplace of the Renaissance brings opportunities to study history, art, and ancient languages like Latin and Greek while learning in an international environment with an open-minded approach to education. For those interested in photography, filmmaking, and the fashion industry, the country offers a wealth of breathtaking locations and inspiring international people to learn from and work with.

Study in Italy

So, First, What is a BA Degree?

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) is an undergraduate degree that typically takes three to five years to complete depending on the country, program, and institution you are studying. It covers a wide range of subjects, from international studies, history, politics, and economics to various forms of art such as visual arts, theater and performing arts, and music. Depending on the focus; you choose, you could also expect to develop skills related to various disciplinary areas, such as communication, research, writing, and critical thinking.

BA Programs in Italy?

Studying for a BA overseas is an opportunity to gain both academic and cultural knowledge by diving into different educational systems, customs, and values. By pursuing your BA degree in Italy, you get to explore the history and culture, develop fluency in the Italian language and learn a wealth of skills related to the chosen field of study. Spending several years in a foreign country is a great way to experience a new way of life and discover new passions.

What's more, a BA in Italy can open up the doors to foreign employers and get a foot in the door for international job opportunities. Earning a degree abroad not only gives one the chance to develop language skills and learn new skills but also gives an advantage when it comes to networking and making connections across the world. A move to Italy may be daunting, but it can also be enormously rewarding with its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

The System of BA?

Pursuing a BA in Italy is a great way to widen your scope and experience a completely different academic system than the one you are used to. The BA system in Italy is a unique and exciting concept that allows students to specialize in one area and take specific classes related to their chosen field of study. In most cases, students will be expected to choose a major and complete at least 9 hours of study in that area of expertise.

The BA system in Italy consists of three additional parts; the BA in Contemporary Music (BMus), the BA in Classical Music (BC), and the BA in Jazz and Popular Music (BPop). Each specialization requires an additional 40 hours of study to earn the BA. In addition to the major courses, students in the BA program must also complete courses such as History of Music, Music Theory, and Piano.

The system BA in Italy also allows students to choose a path that best suits their interests. For instance, if a student is interested in the vocal or instrumental study, they can choose from either Contemporary Music or Classical Music coursework. On the other hand, those interested in jazz and popular music can choose the BA in Jazz and Popular Music option.

Universities in Italy

Overall Cover Duration for BA in Italy?

Typically, the overall duration of obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Italy is a three-year program. During these three years, students will need to complete an average of 60 ECTS credits per year and 180 total (in addition to other components, such as a thesis, etc.). While the contents of the actual BA program may differ depending on the area of studies and university, the three-year total duration remains fairly consistent.

When considering studying for a Bachelor's degree in Italy, there are a few necessary steps to understand. After deciding on the university and formally submitting the admission application, many universities in Italy require a placement test or examination to determine the best placement for the student. Furthermore, students are also required to complete a period of orientation and introduction to become familiar with the campus, the university, and the academics.

Eligibility for BA in Italy?

To study for a BA in Italy, students must first complete their secondary education. If you have already completed the equivalent of a US high school education and have received a diploma in your home country, you should be eligible to study in Italy. Once you have been accepted to a university in Italy, you must meet the admission requirements of the institution, which may include language tests, exams, and interviews.

Once accepted to the university, students in Italy must have their educational qualifications validated by the university rather than by the Italian government. The Italian government may require international students to provide copies of their transcripts and diplomas when they apply for a visa and residence permit.

Admission Process for International Graduates?

Making the move to Italy for a Bachelor of Arts degree is a dream for many students. Pursuing a BA in Italy allows students to study abroad, learn a new language, and experience a different culture. But before making this exciting move, it is important to understand the eligibility requirements for a BA in Italy. Aside from language and admissions requirements, you will also need to provide proof of financial means, as tuition fees vary for students from different countries. International students may be eligible for scholarships or grants to help cover costs.

Name of Colleges offering BA in Italy?

Pursuing a Bachelor's degree abroad is a great way to expand your worldview and gain invaluable global experience. Italy is a top destination for students looking to take their studies to the next level. But with so many options, it can be hard to decide which college to attend.

One of the best things about studying in Italy is that the country is filled with top universities offering excellent degrees. Many of the top universities in Italy, such as Sapienza University, Bologna University, and Milan Polytechnic, offer BA programs that cover a wide range of disciplines. Programs like Bologna's "Lingue e literature con una terza lingua straniera," which translates to "Languages and Literature plus a Third Foreign Language", IT engineering at Sapienza, and Business Administration at the University of Padua offer students great academic opportunities.

Cost of BA in Italy?

Tuition fees vary depending on the university and type of degree, so it's always best to do your research ahead of time. On average, tuition fees for Bachelor of Arts degrees in Italy range from around 10,000 to 15,000 euros per year. However, it should be noted that the final cost will depend on the type of program and any specializations or additional courses taken. In addition to tuition fees, living and accommodation costs must also be taken into account. Depending on where you plan to study, renting an apartment or property can be expensive. Make sure to consider how much disposable income you will need to cover transport, food, and other bills.


As you can see, making the leap to Italy for a Bachelor's degree is a big step, but it's a rewarding one. Studying abroad in Italy allows you to broaden your horizons and gain a new appreciation for culture, art, history, and language. It also helps you gain a more global perspective on the world which adds immense value to your resume and knowledge. Plus, the experience is fun and rewarding.

It's becoming increasingly popular for BA students to pursue their studies in Italy, as there's a wide range of experiences you can have while living in an Italian city or town. From taking Italian language classes and learning more about culture to exploring the Italian countryside, studying in Italy will provide you with countless rich, memorable experiences. Moreover, earning your Bachelor's degree from an Italian university is an impressive accomplishment and something sure to set you apart from other students.

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