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B.Tech in Italy

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University of Padua

Padua , Italy

B.Tech ( Information Engineering )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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B.Tech ( Applied Computer Science and
Artificial Intelligence )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: $ 466 (₹ 35000)
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B.Tech ( Automotive Engineering )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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B.Tech ( Engineering Science )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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University of Messina

Messina , Italy

B.Tech ( Civil Engineering )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 3 Years
Application Fees: Free
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As all of we know that today's world is growing with the growing boom in technology. Technology or AI is getting role in different sectors like medical sector engineering sector, research and development sector and so on. The particular definition of engineers is nothing but a person who designed or develop a new technology or thing with the help of his technical knowledge. The any person who having the innovative mind or problem-solving capacities can be able to complete the graduation in engineering. According to my opinion engineering is for better than other fields because every other field is going to study on what exist in the history but in case of engineering it became an interesting fact. In engineering you will be able to create on develop a something new which will help to the society.

Universities in Italy

When you think about to complete your engineering from the Italy the first question arises in our mind that why we should choose Italy to complete your for your question the answer is very simple because Italy is considered as one of the cheapest places to complete your engineering in all over the world. Second, two universities are included in the list of top most technical universities from all over the world. Third, the medium of the language to complete your course is English and on side by side you have to learn Italian. This will shine your resume as you know one of the external languages.

The eligibility to take the admission for B.Tech in Italy:

  1. As the basic requirement and basic demand from the universities towards the students is to maintain their academic with a good percentile. Getting a good percentage in the final examinations shows your talent.

  2. In some cases when you are not able to get a good percentage you will not have to worry. Because the main focus of the technical University is on the scores you acting in the subjects like physics, mathematics and computer science. At least you must have to be strong in those subjects and this is this second requirement.

  3. As your flying away from your parent country you must have a good profession world accepted language nothing but you English. You must have to appear for the examinations to test your English proficiency like IELTS and TOEFL.

  4. With all the required requirements from the Universities, you must have to be very clear in your document section.

  5. As you are flying in another country so you must have to follow all the protocols. In those the most important thing is you must have to be very clear from the criminal records. A single criminal case history on your name and your dream to complete your b. tech degree from Italy will be over. You will not be able to get a student visa to fly to the Italy.

The process of application:

  1. The particular application process of taking admission in the universities from Italy in a BTech trade it starts in the month of April. As soon as the forms released from the particular University feel the form as soon as possible. The application fee for form is where is between 3000 to 5000 rupees.

  2. About from your personal details in application form you must have to submit your scores in different examinations like TOEFL, GRE and ACT. Also attached your recommendation letters your motivational letters and every single thing or letter that you think your city should focus on this, you have to upload.

  3. After application form with an attachment will be in touch with them for the updates via email. As soon as application get shortlisted, you may appear for the interview or you may have to appear for examinations, it depends.  If the examination done they know also you have to appear for interview.

  4. They will be in touch with you and send the interview updates through the mail and if you crack the particular interview then you can be able to join the college.

  5. After all the confirmation from the university you have to confirm your seat and pay the amount of fee for the first year. Start to apply for the student visa and you will definitely get it because getting a visa for the students as not tough task or lengthy process.

Study in Italy

The most important factor the complete your b. tech from the Italy as nothing but the cost of living, the cost on University. Students who came from the middle-class family with the higher dreams have to think about it twice. It as follows:

Students life at Italy:

  1. One of the best countries to complete your BTech in all over the world is Italy. And studies environment which is present around the universities from the Italy makes Italy a educational country.

  2. The culture of Italy is a very friendly towards the foreigner. As as the students from foreign country are opted to complete their graduation from Italy, it means a plus point in the growth of country.

  3. Approximately all the universities or institutes are going to provide a best facility to the students. Life of the student makes easier while completing his BTech.

  4. While talking about the food from the mess of the college it is at the best level. If you are an Indian student then, you can be able to feel the environment of Indian culture through the taste of food.

  5. Each and every single University is going to provide you and library facility. Use amount of books reference books and other books novels are present in the library. This will definitely help you to increase your knowledge. Apart from this the hostel facility is also provided to the students. In which a single room should be share with 2. And the most of the hostels a common refrigerator is present.


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