MBBS in Philippines

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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 42065(₹ 42065)
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Our Lady of Fatima University

Valenzuela , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 38000(₹ 38000)
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AMA School of Medicine

Makati , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 25685(₹ 25685)
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MBBS ( Medicine and Surgery )

Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Months
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Emilio Aguinaldo College

Manila , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 33699(₹ 33699)
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Manila Central University

Caloocan , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 4 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 22705(₹ 22705)
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Bicol Christian College of Medicine

Legazpi City , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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University of Perpetual Help

Las Pinas , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
Total Course Fee: $ 31850(₹ 31850)
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Baguio Central University

Baguio , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
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Angeles University Foundation

Angeles , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 5.5 Years
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Central Philippine University

Iloilo , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Cagayan State University

Tuguegarao , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
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Ateneo de Zamboanga University

Zamboanga , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Course Level: Bachelor’s
Course Duration: 6 Years
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Cebu Institute of Medicine

Cebu , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
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San Beda University

Manila , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
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Southwestern University

Cebu , Philippines


Course Level: Bachelor’s
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Brief Description of MBBS(BS&MD) in Philippines 2023

More than 5000 students from India go to the Philippines for doing MBBS/MD every year, As of 2023 in total, more than 18000 Indian students are studying medical education in the Philippines. Studying MBBS in the Philippines is a great choice for Indian students because of low budget medical education in the Philippines offered by medical universities of Philippines, Medium of instruction is purely English, Climate is like India, one of the safest country, 95% literacy rate, and one of the best medical education infrastructure. The diseases pattern of Phillipines is like India, these are the reasons why Philippines became the most preferred study destination among Indian students. The Philippines follows a US-based medical education course curriculum. MBBS in Philippines prepares you for the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) and NEXT (National Exit Text). Many of the medical universities of Philippines offers clinical rotation in the medical universities and hospitals of the USA for the internship. The Fee of MBBS in Philippines is Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to 6.5 Lakhs per year and the affordable cost of living is also around  Rs. 14,000 -16,000 per month. 



15th September 2023

Application Starts


1st July 2023

Invitation Letter


15th June to 15th October 2023

Course Commencement


1st November 2023

Course Duration


6.5 Years ( 1 Year BS + 4.5 Years MD + 1 year Internship) 

International Students Acceptance



Minimum Tuition Fees


Rs. 2,50,000 Per Year ($3330)

Maximum Tuition Fees


Rs. 6,50,000 Per Year ($8660)

Average Accommodation Fees


Rs. 15,000 ($200) per month

Visa Fees


Rs. 23,000 Per Year 

The medium of Instruction





Philippine peso



MD program [Doctor of medicine] which is equivalent to MBBS degree from India, UK, and other countries. 

Top 5 Medical University


(1). University of Santo Tomas (World Rank 1000 ) (2). Angeles University Foundation (World Rank 7599) (3). Manila Central University (World Rank 8695) (4). The University of Northern Philippines (World Rank  10362) (5). Cagayan State University Tuguegarao (Craig) (World Rank 10471)



International Medical Scholarship Eligibility Test (IM-SET)

About Philippines


Capital City: Manila. National Language: Filipino and English. Major Cities: Quezon City, Manila, Caloocan, Davao City Largest City: Davao City. Time Zone: Philippine Standard Time. Time zone in Philippines (GMT+8) Philippines is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India

Important Links 





Embassy of India, Philippines

Department of Health, Philippines

Ministry of Health, India


Is MBBS in Philippines Valid in 2023 after NMC notification? 

Yes, it's valid, as all the medical universities of the Philippines and CHEED has approved the new course curriculum as per the requirement of NMC. The New Regulation of NMC makes the MD degree in Philippines of 4.5 Years with 1 Year of Internship in the Philippines. 

Duration of MBBS in Philippines 2023

As per the latest notification passed by the NMC on 18th November 2023, which says the duration of the Medical course cannot be less than 4.5 Years or 54 Months, so to fulfill the requirement of NMC the Medical Universities of Philippines has reduced the duration of BS to 1 Year and Increased the duration of MD to 4.5 Years so the total duration of MBBS/BS+MD including Internship in the Philippines is 6.5 Years. 

Intake And Admission For MBBS In Philippines 2023

In 2023 there are two intakes for MBBS in the Philippines the first is August intake and the second is November intake  The Application Process For MBBS In the Philippines will  Start on the 1st July and ends on 31st November 2023 

Why study MBBS from the Philippines in 2023

The Eligibility Criteria for MBBS/MD in Philippines for Indian students in 2023

  1. For the general category, students must clear 12th having science with a 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Bio.

  2. For the SC/ST/OBC students must clear 12th having science with a 40% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Bio.

  3. The student’s age must be 17 years or above completed before 31st December.

  4. Must Quality NEET-UG. This is only valid for Indian students. If they want to practice as a doctor in India. 

  5. Must qualify NMAT to get enrolled for the MD Program in the medical universities of Philippines

Eligibility to get enrolled for the MBBS/M.D Course in Philippines

Documents required for MBBS in the Philippines for 2023

The documents required for studying in the Philippines is:

  1.  A Passport issued by your country.

  2. 10th & 12th Marksheet

  3. School Leaving Certificate

  4. Three passport-size photos of the applicant.

  5. Application for the student visa.

  6. Photocopy of Birth Certificate.

  7. Copy of transcript of records.

  8. Medical health certificate of the candidate.

  9. The original notice of acceptance from the applied college.

  10. Police Certificate authenticated by Philippines Embassy.

  11. Visa Processing Fee.

Study in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines Fee Structure 2023

There are 2 grades of Medical Universities of Philippines, The first grade is Grade A universities which are De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, Manila Central University, Our Lady of Fatima, and Saint Louis. Grade B Universities are AMA school of medicine, University of Perpetual Help, lyceum northwestern university, UV Gullas College of medicine, Emilio aguinaldo college of medicine. The Average Fee of Grade A universities for the complete course is Rs. 25 Lacs and the Average Fee of Grade B Universities is Rs. 21 Lacs for the complete course. 

The Average Food and Accommodation Cost in the Philippines is Rs. 15000 Per Month. 

List of MCI/NMC Approved Medical Universities in the Philippines

1. Our Lady of Fatima University
2. AMA School of Medicine
3. Lyceum Northwestern University
4. Manila Central University
5. Saint Louis University
6. University of Northern Philippines
7. University of Perpetual Help
8. UV Gullas College of Medicine
9. De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute
10. Manila Central University
11. University of Santo Tomas
12. Emilo Aguinaldo College
13. Cagayan State University 
15. Dona Remedos Trinidad Medical Foundation

MBBS in Philippines without NEET

Indian students can enroll in the BS Program in Philippines but the candidate needs to qualify NEET to get enrolled for the MD Course. If the student is not willing to practice as a doctor in India in that case to qualifying for NEET is not mandatory.

NEET UG Checklist 

Fees for MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines Course Pattern

MBBS in the Philippines is different from other countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. The degree awarded is BS-MD which is equivalent to an MBBS degree from India, the UK, or any of the commonwealth countries. BS-MD is a combination of BS, MD, and internship. The duration of a complete BS-MD is 6.3 years including 1 year of internship. BS is a foundation medical course of 3 semesters which is of 1 year. After completion of BS, the students shall appear for the NMAT Philippines Test. National Medical Admission Test is a common medical entrance test for the MD Program which is conducted by all the medical universities of the Philippines. After completing 5.5 years of BS and MD Courses the students will have to go through a 1-year internship in Hospital.

MBBS after BDS in Philippines 

How the Philippines became the favorite destination among Indian students for medical education

MBBS is a dream course for many students. Many of them also dream of pursuing their dream course from abroad nation. The biggest barrier to their dreams can be a lack of financial capability to pursue MBBS in foreign countries. This barrier can be easily broken when one considers Philippines as an option to pursue MBBS. If a student is looking for a nation that is affordable with quality education then the Philippines can be their destination.

Literacy rate:-

The Philippines is the nation with the highest literacy rate in the whole Asian continent reaching up to 94% of its population being literate. This shows that the majority of people living in the country are well educated making it a better place to live. A high amount of literacy rate in the country helps to maintain peace and harmony and makes the country safer for survival. Being in the company of well-educated people can be very helpful for the students going to this country for education.

Medical Courses without NEET 


Education in Philippines is cheaper than many other developed and developing nations. The cost of education is lower making it very cost-effective for the students and for their families. Studying abroad can be cheaper for many students who you would like to get a degree from foreign universities but cannot afford to spend dollars. The cost of living in the Philippines is also very low. Students can get a luxurious and quality life with the rates that are very much affordable and sometimes students even feel that they are cheaper than their own country. Indian students especially feel that cost of living in the Philippines is lower in most cases.

Good quality education:-

The notion that cheaper but better can go hand in hand when it comes to education in the Philippines. Even the cost of education in this country is lower the quality of education has maintained its standards. The universities of the Philippines providing education have made up to the standards of the World Health Organisation and various other organizations for health-related courses such as MBBS.

The medium of communication:-

The surprising fact is that Philippines is the third-largest country in the world to speak English. English being the international language of communication is very popular in Philippines and most of the population can speak a good amount of English which helps international tourist and international students to cope up with daily life with more ease. English is the second official language of the nation which is a benefit for Indian students as most of the Indian students can speak fluently in this language making their life easy and smooth in an unknown nation.


The capital city of the Philippines, Manila is very well developed along with other cities such as Metro Cebu, Bacolod, Davao city, etc. The facilities for transportation are very good in these cities. Metro railway, roadway, airways are all available for smooth transportation. Proper availability of private vehicles, bus and metro trains can make daily travel comfortable for students. The three international airports in the country keep it connected globally. The Philippines is well connected to India with regular flights.

Which is the best country for doing MBBS 


The highest amount of literacy of the nation indicates its level of sophistication and lower crime rates as people are well educated. This makes Philippines a very good and safe nation for international students. Most of the time parents are highly concerned about the safety of the students while sending them abroad for education however, Philippines can be one of the safest destinations for abroad studies. The country is female-dominated which makes it even safer for both boys and girls. Reduced crime rates in the country can ensure a good amount of safety for students.

The pattern of education:-

The Philippines was mainly ruled by the United States of America and Spain in past years and both of them have a good amount of dominance on the culture of the country. The education pattern followed by the universities of Philippines is the one followed by the United States of America. The system of education insurance the correct level of quality of education is provided to the students. The academic pattern of the United States of America ensures that the education system reaches the norms of international organizations such as the World Health Organization.

Welcoming nature of the people:-

The Philippines is a nation with diverse cultures and people however, the locals are very welcoming to the tourist as well as international students. Communication not being and barrier for international students makes it easier to fit in a group of friends from the Philippines. The sober nature of the people of the Philippines can always make the students feel at ease and calm. It can help the student to overcome homesickness and make new friends.


When a student decides to study abroad one of the important factors which play an important role in the food of the nation. Most of the time certain destinations are avoided by the students just because the food habit of their native place and that of the abroad nation can be completely different making it extremely difficult for the student to survive in an alien nation. This problem of everyday food is never faced by the Indian students studying in Philippines as Indian food is very common in Philippines and most of the local food matches Indian food. The food habits of the people of the Philippines are very similar to that of Indians which makes it is easier for the students to get their daily dough. Various universities and private sectors run Indian mess which is of great help for Indian students studying there. Thus, the basic problem of everyday food is not actually faced by the Indian students studying at Philippines.

Most suitable climate and landscape:-

The breath-taking landscapes of the country with the most beautiful beaches are the beauty of this nation. Any student who would go for study to Philippines would not really miss seeing the tourism of this nation as it has the most beautiful natural landscapes. Thousands of tourists visit this nation every year just for tourism as a vacation plan. The tropical climate and cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean can always be very soothing for everyone. The climate of this nation being similar to that of India makes it easier for Indian students to survive their rather than the nation which is far north with much colder climates.


The Philippines is an officially secular nation however, 90% of the population is Christian following the religion of Christianity. There are many churches in this nation. Indian students don't usually find any problem with the religion of the nation as most of the Indian students are already habitual to living in a multicultural society with multi-religion and multilingual people. There is no major religion-related dispute reported in the nation even though it is a home for many different types of culture.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Philippines 

Check out which country is better:- MBBS in Georgia Vs Philippines 

Accommodation and food in Philippines for Indian Students

Courses offered by Medical Colleges in the Philippines

  1. General medicine

  2. Pharmacy

  3. Pediatrics

  4. Dentistry

  5. Nursing

Courses in Biology other than MBBS 

How to choose the best Medical College for MBBS in Philippines

  1. Analyze the quality of education offered and similarity of course concerning Indian institutes

  2. Number of Indian students

  3. Year of establishment of the university

  4. Recognition from prominent institutes like the World Health Organisation (WHO) & National Medical Commission (NMC)

  5. Widespread clinical practices, as such several affiliated hospitals under university and number of beds.

  6. Coaching for Screening test by Medical Council of India (MCI) now NEXT Exam

  7. Infrastructural facilities on the campus premises such as library & in-campus hostel.

  8. Availability of Indian foods

  9. separate living hostels for boys & girls

  10. Overall tuition fees & cost of living

MCI Recognized medical colleges in Abroad 

Scholarship for Higher Education 


Best Opportunity post-NEET result in 2023

At times students are unable to score desiring marks in NEET like competitive examinations. This often leads to disinterest among students to continue their careers. Sparing huge amounts can be saved by continuing with study in Philippians. Students need not pass any screening round conducted by the university.

Recognition of MBBS in Philippines

  1. Medical Council of India (MCI)

  2. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

  3. World Health Organization (WHO)

  4. World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)

  5. Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

How to Prepare for the NEXT Exam 

MBBS After B.Sc Nursing/BDS in the Philippines

Are you aspiring to make a career in the medical field? If you have completed your B.Sc. Nursing then pursuing MBBS in the Philippines ahead is the right choice!

If you are one of those candidates planning to do MBBS after graduation, you came to the right place. Here, you will get all the relevant information and necessary guidance regarding your MBBS after B.Sc Nursing in the Philippines. Read till the end to gain a comprehensive overview!

So, let's begin! Firstly, let's have a brief overview of the MBBS program.

Disadvantages of doing MBBS from Philippines 

The MBBS Course Program

The MBBS course (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is one of the most opted undergraduate courses in the medical domain in India. The candidates throughout the nation who aspire to be practicing as doctors in the sector of allopathic medicine pursue the MBBS course. Also, this course covers varied specializations in the medical branch for providing in-depth learning to the student in his/her respective area of interest. Some popular MBBS specializations can be listed as- General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat), Dermatology, Opthalmology, and others.

Typically, the duration of the MBBS course in India is 5.5 to 6 years, involving a one-year mandatory clinical internship. For the MBBS after your B.Sc Nursing in countries such as India, Russia, China, Ukraine, etc., the course duration will be the same as that for a 12th standard pass out. The graduate degree of B.Sc. Nursing won't reduce the duration of MBBS for you. But, the MBBS after B.Sc Nursing in the Philippines can save both your time & money. If you have completed graduation in India (B.Sc/ BAMS/ BHMS/ other) or a B.S. degree in a foreign country, then you can get admission to the four-year M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) program in the Philippines which is equivalent to the six-year MBBS degree in India.

Now, let's have an introduction to the Philippines, its medical education, & the benefits of studying in the Philippines.

Why you should do MBBS from Abroad 

MBBS after B.Sc Nursing from the Philippines

For taking admission into the four-year M.D. course in the Philippines, first of all, you are required to crack the NEET and NMAT exams.  In India, qualifying for the NEET exam is compulsory for gaining admission in undergraduate medical courses. The NEET result is valid for three years for MBBS abroad. Next, you are required to qualify for the NMAT exam. NMAT exam is organized in the Philippines in March and October. For NMAT, you need to fly to the Philippines and appear for this exam. You can apply for the M.D. program in the Philippines, only after qualifying NEET in India and NMAT in the Philippines.

Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in the medical stream & allied sectors including Nursing,  Medical Lab Technician, B.Sc in Biology, BAMS, BUMS, biotechnology, etc, which is equivalent to a pre-medical course can apply for direct admission to the M.D. course with a duration of four years. The course commences in June every year. It is a quicker and better way to study MBBS after B.Sc Nursing. This four-year course is analogous to the six-year MBBS course in India. In addition to holding the graduate degree, they should have passed class 11th and 12th from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as main subjects.

Procedure for application

Candidates need to apply before January in the year of admission and submit the mark/ grade sheet and a copy of the Degree both for approval by the University. After getting the approval of the University for the pre-medical, the candidate has to give the NMAT exam in the Philippines. Every year, the registration for the NMAT is commonly conducted in January – February, and the exam is conducted in March or April in the Philippines.

Candidates applying for the four-year medical course will go to the Philippines and give the NMAT. Then, they have to join the classes in June.

The scenario of MBBS in Philippines in 2023

The situation of health emergencies and collapse of Indian medical infrastructure in 2023 again raised the issue of low doctor-patient ratio in India. In this pandemic, the government thought of FMG Students as one of the most important ways to fulfill the required number of doctors in India. Doing MBBS from Philippines and coming back to India to practice as a doctor in India will help in strengthening the medical infrastructure of India. As we know there is no language barrier in Philippines for the students who are willing to do MBBS from Philippines.   

In India there are total 562 medical colleges out of which there are 286 government and 276 private medical colleges in India in 2023. In 276 private medical colleges the total cost of education is between Rs. 40 Lacs to 90 Lacs which is unaffordable for 95% of the middle class people of India, on the other hand Philippines provides Affordable medical education to the students of India. The total cost of medical education which ranges between Rs. 20 Lacs to Rs. 30 Lacs. Philippines can add more than 8000 doctors every year in the health infrastructure of India which is required to be fulfilled as per the recommendation of the WHO.


The Indian healthcare sector is much diversified and is full of opportunities in every segment. Students can make much out of it and land a well-established career. The path for this passes from the Philippines. A medical study program undertaken in an institution in the Philippines can prove to be more lucrative in securing your future and building a profitable career. MBBS in the Philippines has a lot to offer to the Indian students looking forwards to pursue a career in the domain of medicine and enter into the Indian medical & healthcare system.

MBBS (BS+MD) in the Philippines

MBBS in the Philippines could be an extremely popular destination for aspiring Indian medical students. More than 3,000 Indian students study drugs in the Philippines every year. This is often why many foreigners and international students consider MBBS in the Philippines. Recently there has been an increase in the number of Indian students choosing MBBS in the Philippines. MBBS rates in the Philippines are also terribly cheap, making the country a preferred alternative among students and seniors considering doing MBBS abroad.

Most of the medical schools in the Philippines follow the common degree of medical education, which also makes it easy for Indian students to organize. Proof of medical accreditation is being one of the pros of the Philippines MD and even the Indian Medical Council accredited the same. The Philippines is the 12th largest country in the world based on population, making it one of the most popular destinations for drug study.

MBBS in the Philippines is one of the easiest options for Indian students to review medical courses in English with cheap tuition fees and quality medical education. The Philippines has an achievement rate of over 90%, making the country an educated country. All medical schools in the Philippines follow high educational standards. Filipino voters are known as Filipinos who are fluent in English. For teaching, like learning MBBS in the Philippines, English is used as the language of instruction. In the Philippines, the MBBS course is admired in the alternative countries for the medical degree; hence the medical degree in the Philippines is equivalent to the MBBS in India.

Medical Universities in Philippines & Fee Structure for MBBS in Philippines 2023

Name of the University



Total Tuition Fees

Total Accommodation & Mess Fees

World Ranking


De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, Cavite, Philippines


6.5 Years

Rs. 30,70,729 ($42,06)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela City, Philippines  


6.5 Years

Rs. 27,74,000 ($38,000.00)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


AMA School of Medicine, Manila, Philippines


6.5 Years

Rs. 18,75,000($25,685.)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila, Philippines


6.5 Years

Rs. 24,60,000 ($33,69)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


Manila Central University, Maynila, Philippines



6.5 Years

Rs. ₹16,57,499 ($22,70)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


University of Perpetual Help, Manila, Philippines


6.5 Years

Rs. 23,25,000($31,850)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


Cagayan State University, Cagayan, Philippines


6.5 Years

Rs. 20,95,000 ($ 28,698)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


Davao Medical School Foundation


6.5 Years

Rs. 23,32,500 ($ 31,952)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


Lyceum Northwestern University, Pangasinan, Philippines


6.5 Years

Rs. 19,50,000 ($ 26,712)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


UV Gullas College of Medicine


6.5 Years

Rs. 19,02,450

 ($ 26,060)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)


Angeles University Foundatio, Pampanga, Philippines


6.5 Years

Rs. 22,00,000 ($ 30,136)

Rs. 8,64,000 ($ 11,835)




Detailed Information:- MBBS in Philippines (2023 – 2028)

When it comes to studying MBBS in abroad Indian students have many countries on their list. But MBBS in Philippines is one of the most preferred destinations for Indian Students. The medical colleges are approved by the World Health Organization and approved in the list of IMED and ECFMG. 

Top Medical Colleges in Philippines

Eligibility Criteria

  1. For admission to MBBS courses in the Philippines, the scholar must have 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of the twelfth standard.

  2. If the student is in another category, 40% of the points are required. NEET eligibility points for the past three years are also required. The NEET

  3. Qualification is required to apply for admission to MBBS programs in the Philippines.

NMAT Exam: MBBS at Philippine Intervals

The Philippine Embassy website mentions that admission to the MD Ph.D. Courses are required to pass the national medical licensing test, the NMAT exam. Admission to the degree is required to gain admission to MD Medicine courses in the Philippines.

Please note that international graduate students can be directly admitted to undergraduate programs in the Philippines. So if you have obtained a degree in your country, you can be admitted to the MBBS. program in the Philippines. This can often be collectively referred to as an appearance entry for MBBS in the Philippines.

After completing the three-year bachelor's degree in your home country, you can apply for direct admission in the Philippines. in this case, the duration of your four-year medical studies will be reduced to three years. There would be 3 years of basic and clinical courses on medicines and theory and 1 year of clinical practice and rotations in related hospitals in the Philippines. The

NMAT exam takes place after the BS program is complete and gives you fourteen attempts to complete this test.

Therefore, although the budget and all expenses for your MBBS program in the Philippines are reasonable, you must always plan for separate undergraduate and medical courses. As a result, some agents may rip you off by sharing the value of the four-year MD program, and not sharing the cost of the BS program will often explain why you should always spend your budget for a total of 5.5 years. And keep the mind that the duration of BS can take several years in some schools. “Standyou.com” is a well-known platform that helps students to take admitted to the Philippines. This is an authentic platform that has already sent more than 100 students, you can directly talk with them.

Scholarship available

There is a Scholarship program available for MBBS students often referred to as the Philippine Department of Health (Abbreviated as DOH). However, it is available only for Philippines Citizens.

Visa Process

Candidates wishing to pursue medical education in the Philippines must obtain a student visa before immigrating to the country and beginning their education. Currently, the valid student visa that international students must obtain to enroll in the Philippines is (9f ). Only the universities or schools in the Philippines that are licensed by the Philippine Immigration Service (BI) are allowed to accept and register foreign students. After enrollment, scientists apply for the appropriate student visa.

Prospective international students can enter the Philippines as long as they require a Strong Student Visa issued by the Philippine Embassy in India.

 It is strongly recommended that fellows obtain their visas in their home country to ensure a smooth process. The embassy also does not suggest that students enter the Philippines on a tourist visa, so apply for the visa to be converted into a student visa.

Visa Rules and Regulations:

Foreign students applying for a student visa in the Philippines must follow the country's basics and rules. The regulations are as written below:

Requirements for the student visa (9f) in the Philippines are as follows:

Student Visa Process once the application is being submitted:

Students intending to continue their studies in the Philippines must follow the University Visa Application process, which calls Philippine Student Visa Applicants to complete the decipherable visa form in English and submit it for private examination during the visa application process studied at the Philippine Embassy in his home country, Like if one is an Indian then one should apply at New Delhi with Filipino consulates in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Applicants must present a letter of initial admission from the university, including a dry stamp, and a genuine regional passport. A police clearance certificate and consistent pay are also essential for all medical and dental degree programs in the Philippines. Candidates can present the first proof of eligibility. Admission to study granted.

Applicants must also provide a passport photo that is at least half a dozen months old (photos must not be more than half a dozen months old, along with the signature and stamp of the bank officer). in India, including the branch in the national capital for collection at the "Philippine Embassy", they need a sublet period before the regular departure to the Philippines

After the mortal applies for the visa, the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs processes the type of department to which the applicant authority to issue  student visas is issued by the Embassy of the Philippines

Note: Foreigners under the age of 18 or those taking courses without a degree will not be discharged a student is granted a Special Study Visa (SSP) classified as a temporary visitor visa.

Cost of Living

The quality of life in the Philippines is extremely cheap and low compared to other popular alternative travel destinations. The almost equal cost of living also makes this country a preferred travel destination. Restaurant fees and meal expenses are about 1.5 to 1.75% higher than in India.

Shoes, clothes, and the like cost 1.25 percent more than in Indian markets. Even groceries and groceries are priced similarly.

MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students 

Comparison between MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, Nepal, and Bangladesh                                     


MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Ukraine


MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Nepal

MBBS in Bangladesh

Maximum Fees Per Year

Rs. 6,30,000

Rs. 6,50,000


Rs. 6,50,000


Rs. 30,00,000

Minimum Fees Per Year

Rs. 2,20,000

Rs. 2,50,000


 Rs. 2,50,000 


Rs. 45,00,000

Accommodation Cost Per Year

Rs. 1,75,000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 2,00,000

Rs. 1,80,000

Visa Cost Per Year

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 35,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 18,000

Qualifying Exam

No Exam


No Exam



No Exam

Course Language

English / Russian







6 Years

6 Years

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Why do MBBS from Abroad

1. What is BS (Pre-medicine) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the Philippines?

BS is a (Bachelor of Science) and MD is a (Doctor of medicine). BS+MD degree from the Philippines and USA is equivalent to MBBS degree from UK, India, and other countries.  First of all, we have to know the basic difference between MBBS and MD. MBBS stands for (Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae). Which is the bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. This is the graduation program which may be for  5.5 to 6 years. But if you are going to study BS+MD in the Philippines which is a combination of pre-medicine and medicine course, then it will take 6.5 years. 

The validity of one year BS Degree

2. Why do Indian Students go to the Philippines for doing MBBS?

Lots of Indian students having a dream about studying or completing MBBS in a foreign country. And there is one chance to choose the right country to complete the MBBS degree that is come after completing the 12th board examination. Philippines provide the best medical education infrastructure as it follows the US pattern of medical education. Hence the lots of students are going to research the best medical colleges in the whole world. In this list, lots of students are going to choose the Philippines country to complete their graduation in the medical field.

The reason behind this is. You can complete your MBBS within 5 years in the Philippines country while in other countries you have to spend approximately 5 to 6 years for completing your graduation in the medical field. Studying MBBS in the Philippines country will automatically decrease your expense because you are going to complete your graduation earlier one year. This is the only reason for, lots of students who pass out their 12th with biology subject are going to choose the developing country to complete their bachelor of the surgery and bachelor of medicine degree.

How to prepare for NEET MDS

3. What is NMAT Exam? Is it necessary to crack NMAT to get Admission to MD Course?

First of all, we have to be aware of what is the full form of NMAT. So NMAT stands for the national medical admission test. With the help of these tests, the medical colleges which are present in a Philippines country are going to give admission for further studies of a medical in the Philippines country that is a doctorate in medicine. So so if you want to get admission in a Philippines country for the MD then you have to appear for this exam that is a national medical admission test. this examination is consists of two parts, part 1 and part 2. If you want to crack this exam then you have to score above 40% in this exam. Then and then only you will be able to get admission for MD in medical school which is present in the Philippines.

First of all, you have to create an account for the NMAT, then you have to fill in your personal detail with an email id. Then verify your email id by clicking on the mail which is sent by the University which is present in the Philippines. Then feel the application form and appear for the examination. if you will be able to crack this exam then you will get a chance to get admission to a medical college

MBBS after BDS from the Philippines

4. How do I know which are the recognized medical colleges to apply to in the Philippines?

Lots of foreign students are dreaming about studying medical science in the Philippines country. But the main question has arrived when they have to choose the university in the Philippines for completing their graduation or post-graduation. For this, you have to research a lot of things on the internet. Just Tally all the data which is gathered from the internet and make your own decision about which college is the best. Try to contact the alumni of that college. If they are giving your positive feedback about the college then you may proceed with an application for that medical school.

But during this all procedure, away from the cheating agents. There are lots of cases of fraud done by the agents. Hence do a lot of research and then decide which college is the best or suitable for you.

NMC Approved medical colleges in Philippines

5. Is one Year Internship done in the Philippines is valid in India?

Yes, as per the recent notification in 2020 by the MCI now NMC the internship done in the Philippines is valid in India. The 12-month internship is not mandatory for the candidates who have done their  BS and MD degree from the Philippines along with 1-year internship. But it is not bad because you are going to practice about your career or your future. So according, in my opinion, you can complete your 12 monthly internships. If a student pursuing an internship during his or her graduation in the medical field that is studying MBBS. Then this will be acceptable in India. According to the medical council of India, if a student completed his 12 monthly internships and if he or she will be able to crack the FMGE examination which is held by the MCI now NMC, then the student can be able to practice in India. With the internship, you have to be prepared simultaneously for the FMGE examination.

MBBS in Georgia Vs Philippines

6. Can I go to the USA after doing BS+MD from the Philippines for doing Medical PG?

As the technique of teaching is mostly related or similar to the technique which is used by the USA in medical field education. Completing your BS + MD from the Philippines is considered the most honorable in all over the world. If you want to complete your further post-graduation in the medical field then you can travel to the USA. There is no restriction by the USA government when you came by completing your BS plus MD in the Philippines country and want to complete PG in the USA. There is 1 exam held by the USA medical council that is USMLE. Just you have to crack the exam for admission in medical School for completing your post-graduation in the USA. If you will be able to get this exam then you will get an offer letter and then you have to confirm your seat for post-graduation. You have to obtain 250+ marks because this is the cutoff of admission.

Medical PG from Philippines

7. What are the student visa rules in the Philippines for Indian students?

 There are some rules for the student visa in the Philippines for Indian student that is as follows,

1. Every single detail in the application form for Visa is must be in a written type.

2. The photographs are must be upload to the government site of India.

3.  Scanned signature is not allowed.

4. Admission letter or confirmation letter of a seat in that medical college must be required.

5. If a Police case is registered in the student's name, then he or she will not be able to go for further studies in the Philippines or any country.

6. evidence regarding financial support must be required.

7. A copy of the reservation ticket is also required.

*Note: The embassy will ask for the additional documents.

Courses after BHMS

8. Job or Career option as a doctor after doing MBBS from the Philippines in India?

If if you completed your MBBS degree in the Philippines and then you want to come to India and practice or work as a doctor then it is possible. But before practicing you have to appear in the exam FMGE which is held by the medical council of India now NMC will conduct NEXT from 2023. If you will be able to crack this exam then you can practice as a doctor in this country. The most important thing is doing an MBBS in the Philippines or the degree of an MBBS which is given by the Philippines country or Philippines University is mostly equivalent to the MBBS degree which is given by the Indian University. Studying MBBS in the Philippines country is an honorable thing for the student.

NEET Checklist

If you will be able to crack this exam, then there are lots of job opportunities that will open for you. You can start with your clinic or you may join the repeated hospital which is present in India and worked for that hospital as an employee. But for all of that, you have to clear the FMGE exam. Then and then only you can try to India and elaborate your career as a doctor in your mother country. If you can't it be able to crack the exam, then there will not be any job openings for such students. The remaining last option for Sachin students is,  they have to practice in a small village. But it is an illegal thing.

Master in Emergency Medicine

9 Is there any scholarship for doing MBBS from the Philippines?

 If you can't be able to take an admission seat with MBBS in India then you can opt for admission for MBBS in the Philippines country. If your percentage in the academy is good, your grasping power is high, if you are a smart worker, then you can get a scholarship from the Philippines University. There are lots of private organizations that allow students for completing their MBBS degree and this kind of organization gives financial support for such students. Also if you completed your MBBS degree in the Philippines then, it will be considered a more valuable degree all over the world. It is also equivalent to the MBBS degree which is given by the government of India by the medical council of India. If you are a bright student then you make it concession for the tuition peace.

Scholarship for higher education

 Approximately, 19 lakhs is required to complete your MBBS degree in the Philippines country. This amount is very low as compared to the amount taken by private universities in India for giving an MBBS degree to the students. Also in other expenses live travel, food and something like that it will have cost for nearly 15000 RS.

Courses in Biology other than MBBS

10. Is CADAVERIC ANATOMY/Dissection allowed in the Philippines for MBBS Students?

              First of all, you have to know that, if you are going to do MBBS in any country then you must have to perform the dissection. Without your MBBS degree will not be completed. Dissection is one of the most important parts of medical education or in the syllabus of the MBBS. During dissection, you will be able to study all body parts of the human body with every single detail you can be able to understand the structure of the function of the entire body. So yes the Philippines country we must have to follow to the students for the dissection. Dissection is not an illegal process. If the universities or medical colleges or schools follow all rules and regulations for ordering a dead body to the college then it will not be considered illegal. Every single medical universities or college which is present in the entire world have to allow the dissection of the body in their college because the student can't be practice on that body then he or she will not be able to handle this situation like surgery as a doctor in the future.

Best Country for doing MBBS

11. Can I work in government hospitals in India after doing MBBS from the Philippines?

Completing an MBBS degree in a Philippines country is considered the most valuable degree all over the world. Also, an MBBS degree which is given by the Philippines University or the government of the Philippines is equivalent to an MBBS degree given by the medical universities of India. Before you practice as a doctor in this India you have to clear the MCI exam then you will be able to work as a doctor in India.

If you want to apply for the government hospital which is present in India then you must have to clear the MCI now NMC exam then and then only your MBBS degree will be recognized by the medical council of India. students who completed their MBBS degree from the Philippines having the same opportunities as students who completed their MBBS degree in India. The only difference between the students is the foreign medical graduates have to recognize their degree by cracking the screening test which is held by the medical council of India. In India, there are lots of government jobs opening for student who completed their MBBS degree in the Philippines country and wants to apply for a government job in India. For all of these, you must have to crack the MCI screening test which is held by the medical council of India, then you will be able to work as a doctor in a government hospital which is present in India.

MBBS after Graduation

12. After doing MBBS from the Philippines can student also pursue MD/MS(Medical PG from the Philippines)

Yes, you can pursue your medical PG from the Philippines country. The Philippines country is considered as an in the list of top most countries for completing the MBBS degree. In the Philippines country, medical universities referred to the English language for teaching purposes so, it will become more understandable for every single student who came from other countries to complete their MBBS degree. you can pursue your medical PG from the Philippines after completing your MBBS degree in the Philippines. But in case you want to complete your medical PG from the countries like the USA or Germany then you can pursue your medical PG from that country also. If you want to complete your medical PG from India then you have to appear for the MCI screening test which is held by the medical council of India. YouTube like this exam did you will be able to do your medical PG at Indian medical University. The MS or MD Philippines University is also considered the most valuable postgraduate degree all over the world. So yes, after doing MBBS from the Philippines student can also pursue is medical PG from the Philippines like MS or MD.

MBBS after BSC Nursing 


MBBS In Philippines Syllabus

The MBBS in the Philippines course program has a duration of 5 and ½ years to six years. The MBBS course in the Philippines is known as the BS + MD (Doctor of Medicine) program. The MD program is equivalent to MBBS in the UAE.

The BS (Bachelor of Science) course program is the pre-medical program that involves the Basics of Psychology, Human Physiology, Anatomy, and more. The BS program covers one and a half years. After the pre-medical program, the next four years cover the MD (Doctor of Medicine) course. The MD program focus on Pre-Clinical, Paraclinical, & Clinical Subjects along with specialized subjects.


MBBS in abroad options other than Philippines for Indian Students

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Georgia

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MBBS in Philippines

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FAQs for MBBS in Philippines 

What is the Average Tuition Fee for MBBS in the Philippines?

Average Tuition Fee for MBBS in Philippines Rs. 2,25,000 to 6,00,000/Year ($3,000 to $8,000 Per Year)

The average Living cost in the Philippines is Rs. 12,000 ($160) per month

You will need to clear the NMAT Philippines Test. National Medical Admission Test conducted by the medical universities of the Philippines. NEET-UG qualification is mandatory for the Indian Students to practice as a doctor in India. 

Yes BS-MD degree is equivalent to MBBS from India and its Valid subject to the course complete from the MCI Approved Medical Universities of Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines is quite affordable compared to India. As such, there is no scholarship for MBBS in Philippines.

No there is no such restriction. If the student has valid documents and valid invitation letters from any of the recognized medical universities of the Philippines.

No, there is no fixed attempt for MCI Screening Test now NEXT for the students. NEXT will be conducted twice in a year.


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